The Best Smartphone Of The Year

The Best Smartphone Of The Year

(Technewonline) Have you ever wondered how many new phones have been released this year? With all the major manufacturers, small around the world to count the exact number is a challenging task.

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With the technology of the page phonearena estimated that up to 600 devices, it includes basic phone, compact smartphone until the screen up to 5.5 inches (5.5 inches larger than called phablet ). Here are 3 best smartphone today.

1. Apple iPhone 6

The Best Smartphone Of The Year 1

This is one of the phone top "The best smartphone of the year"
There are many smartphone race for the top spot but the iPhone 6 is really worthy of them, in our opinion. Of course, many people would argue that there are better products iPhone 6 - higher specs, more features, more customized ... However, the user experience is what they do on a smartphone that is not too sharp or camera screen to be very large number of MP.

iPhone 6 shines because to its slim design, lightweight and high-end so that the number of products sold are beyond any record, any smartphone can not be achieved. Equipment smooth operation, smooth with high reliability, hardware and software are optimized and perfect harmony.

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It also has great camera is 8MP although the number of applications greatly, new operating systems and there are countless exciting improvements. In short, the iPhone 6 is a good smartphone do all the things it can do. Equipment may not be perfect but it has reached near perfection than any smartphone yet.

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2. Motorola Droid Turbo

As noted, the specifications is not all that matters in a smartphone but if any smartphone fully integrated high detail, it will be noticed. Motorola Droid Turbo is one such product.

The Best Smartphone Of The Year 2

Droid Turbo owns 5.2 inch Super AMOLED screen QHD with 565ppi pixel density is currently the highest. In terms of configuration, Droid Turbo is equipped with quad-core Snapdragon Krait 805 450, speed 2.7GHz with 3GB RAM and Adreno graphics processor 420. Equip up to 3900mAh capacity battery and promises can prolong overall use of time up to 48 hours without having to 'weigh thoughts'.

The Best Smartphone Of The Year 3

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Not only that, the device was built from the finest materials, durable and high so that those who demand perfection in construction and configuration can be mentioned Droid Turbo. The phone has the ability to withstand high pressure when the chassis is made of fiberglass-coated metal back is also made from DuPont Kevlar fiber. 3 glass Gorilla Glass is responsible for protecting the display and the internal components are water-repellent nano-coating.

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3. LG G3

A representative of LG in the top 3 product that is G3. In 2013, we also launched LG G2 to make the best of this year's five generations and continue worthy successor to stand in this list.

The Best Smartphone Of The Year 4

Equipment was impressed with the design completely modern with physical buttons on the back and sides of the screen ultra-thin rim. Therefore, although the 5.5 inch screen but still compact devices such as a 5-inch product.

The Best Smartphone Of The Year 5

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Also QHD resolution screen, the LG Super G3 also features configuration equipped with impressive 801 Snapdragon processor speed of 2.5 GHz quad-core, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory with the ability to expand capacity microSD memory card. Armed with camera after 13 MP resolution with vibration resistance the new generation OIS +, dual LED flash lights and laser focus with super fast speed.

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