5 Beautiful Templates In December

5 Beautiful Templates In December

Hello every body!

Today I will share with you 5 beautiful free templates for blogger.

   With a large number of samples blogspot scattered throughout the internet, you will easily get a free sample and match individual preferences. However, the challenge here is how many free samples really nice and professional? 

The Templates is primarily due to vendors designed to attract the attention of customers. With a professional layout using CSS3 and harmonious colors
Here is a list of my 5 choices templates.

1.Aurana Blogger Template

Aurana Blogger Template

This is a very nice blue template consistent with the technology blog

2.Sight Blogger Template

Sight Blogger Template

This templates gives you the comfort, the feeling you’re standing high in the sky overlooking the city

3.Rocket Blogger Template

Rocket Blogger Template

beautiful layout, the content is excellent when it comes to describing this design, simple and elegant

4.eSpecial Blogger Template

eSpecial Blogger Template

5.Pinfinity Blogger Template

Pinfinity Blogger Template

This blogspot layout gives a feeling of a photo yahoo site . 

wish you like the template choice.

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