Create Free Dofollow Backlinks From Site PR7, PR8, PR9

Create Free Dofollow Backlinks From Site PR7, PR8, PR9

   As in the previous article we know the importance of building backlinks, it is a matter plays an important role in the development of websites.
We all want a backlinks from high pagerank websites and blogs so that we can improve our search engine rankings, improve our Google pagerank as well as improve our Alexa rank of our blogs. But where to get these high PR dofollow backlinks?

In recent times, Google has reduced the pagerank of some of the high pr forums that existed as they were linking out to too many blogs and websites. Some had even made a business out of selling high pr links to other blogs, which is not good.
Nowadays we can get high PR links like PR6 to 9 using some of the tricks stated below.

PR9 Do-Follow Backlinks

1. Plus.Google.COM.

   You might not know the fact that Google+ can provide you do-follow links very easily. As the site is actually Google itself, so creating dofollow backlinks directly from Google to your brand will surely gonna help you a lot.
To get dofollow backlink from Google+, follow these steps:
Sign In to Google+
Edit Your About Us Section.
Put Your Website’s name/url here.
Save it and you’re done.

This trick to get PR9 dofollow links work only if you are a YouTube Partner.A Youtube partner is one who is given additional features such as -
Sign In
Customized channel design
Allowed to use ads on videos
Allowed to link back to their blogs from channel page
Allowed to have branding features
If you are a YouTube partner or know someone who is, then you can add your blogs link into the channel page and video pages of the YouTube partners channel.These are PR9 dofollow backlinks which can increase your blogs pagerank and traffic quickly and easily.

3. Mozilla.ORG.

Mozilla.ORG  is very high reputed website with a PageRank of 9 which is maximum attainable for any website. Step to get free do-follow backlink :
Sign Up for Free Mozilla Account
Fill out the details and submit Sign Up form.
Click on Verification Link at your email account from Mozilla to activate your account, after submitting form.
After activation, login to Mozilla with your credentials and visit your profile page.
Put your short bio with your website’s link.
And, it’s done.

4. Adobe.COM.

Adobe.COM is yet another PR9 Website to get do-follow backlinks to your blog.
Procedure goes same here.
Create your account at Adobe.COM and verify it. Create good looking profile there and enter enough data.
Now, if you are not able to insert links your at Adobe’s profile, visit Adobe Forum. Here at forum, put an original looking problem or the problem you are actually facing with your blog’s URL.
After some days, Alexa will start showing your Backlink from Adobe which is enough to assure that you got PR9 backlink from Adobe.

PR8 Do-Follow backlinks.


Ted.COM is a PR8 website with innovative videos, research etc. The website can give you do-follow backlink.
After activating, Click profile -> Edit Profile.
Scroll down and you will find place to insert website link with Keyword (Name of Site).
Just Add your websites and blogs.
You’re done. Now Enjoy free High Authority Backlink.

2. FileZilla-Project.ORG.

Sign up to and insert your backlinks in your profile and on other posts.

PR7 Do-Follow Backlinks

1. Orkut.COM.

So, we have another Google’s website providing do-follow backlink. Orkut.COM which was the most popular social network, before Facebook is still live and not only this, it is providing you do-follow backlinks for the links you add at your ‘about’ section. To get do-follow backlink from Orkut, follow these steps:
Sign in to orkut through your Google/Gmail account.
Edit your ‘About’ section.
Put your website’s link here.
You’re done.
Moreover, by clicking on HTML button at About section, you can actually put anchor text for your website’s link too, for the keyword you want to rank high.

2. Eventful.COM.

Eventful.COM is a having social events, celebs event news. It is a PR7 website.
Sign up to Eventful.
Verify Account
Click on Profile button on you will see a button “Add More Info”. Click It.
Add link which putting your info using : <a href=””>Your Keyword</a>
Enjoy Free Backlinks.

3. Nature.COM.

Sign Up at Put your website’s link at your profile and use their Forum to gain backlinks to other pages too.


You create the link above

PR6 Do-Follow Backlinks

1. W3blog.DK.

W3blog.DK is a PageRank6 blog. Join it and do comments.

2. GoLoco.ORG.

Sign Up GoLoco.ORG. While creating profile, put your website’s link at provided field with Keyword for it. Hence you will be able to enjoy backlinks from this site.





I compiled these list after using these all and it really took a lot of time and research. So please promote this article by sharing it to your networks.
I put out these sites very good link, the registration please turn on site and creating backlinks.

Wish you success.

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