Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing

Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing

   We all should be aware by now that Internet users are impatient when it comes to waiting for a web page to load. Thus, your website’s performance and ability to render speedily is critical to its usability and, ultimately, its success.
In order to help you build faster websites and identify troublesome website performance bottlenecks, consider incorporating some of the following tools into your web development process.

There are many ideas “search engine date base” overcrowding, and the resources to crawling the web site will be reduced to ensure that the server is operating normally. And with the reduced resources for each site, requiring the site to load faster time to take advantage of this resource.
This article we will introduce you to some of the common tools used to test the download speed of your site, if you see your site slow or faulty, you need to find a solution to improve the server, or web code signal to improve the position of your website on search engines.

1. Google PageSpeed.

Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 1

PageSpeed Google is a tool to measure web page load speed and the optimal solution, reduce web page load time. This tool combines very well with Firebug, an incredibly useful SEO tool on Firefox.
Used here:

2. Pingdom Tools – Full Page Check.

Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 2

Pingdom Tool is a tool to load the entire html structure of a website, including all objects such as images, Java Script, Flast, Rss, frames / iframes.
Pingdom help all statistical data load time, load speed allowed, the number of web objects, space objects …
Used here: 

3. Google Webmaster Tool.
Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 3

Google Webmaster Tool is an indispensable tool for the website administrator. This tool allows Webmaste can test the speed of the host response through time.Chart statistics give Webmasters an overview on the performance of server or hosting they use. Since then the Webmaster can consider the issue so that reasonable adjustments in the peak time.
In the near future Google will upgrade the tools, statistics provide more specific.
Used here: 

4.Wich Loads Faster.
Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 4
This tool tells you compare your website with other websites faster or slower based on a percentage, you can compare your website
Used here: 

5.Webpage Test.
Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 5 developed by AOL and then become open source. WebPagetest will give you a list of locations to test server. A drop down list allows you to set a specific browser (eg IE9) to test the download speed. Then just click on the Start Test and see the results.
Used here. 


Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 6

Improve website load speed
All of these tools only help you measure the downloading speed of the website. However, it is important you try to shrink the file size to a minimum,for users can view your site with the fastest speed.
Used here:

7. Web Page Analyzer.

Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 7

This simple web page speed test analyzer — probably one of the oldest tools out there with its first version released in 2003 — gives you data on your web page’s size, assets and load time. It also supplies you with recommendations on things you can make better.
Used here:

8. Show Slow.

This is the web-based version of the open source server application by the same name (Show Slow). Show Slow allows you to add a URL to be monitored (publicly) and regularly captures results from three popular testing tools: YSlow, Page Speed and dynaTrace. This tool requires registration.

Used here:

9. Load Impact.
Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing 8

Load Impact’s free online load testing and performance tool gives you plenty of data on your website’s ability to handle website traffic. This online web performance evaluation tool has the ability to show graphed data such as user load time (simulated by an automated virtual machine) and requests per second (helpful for seeing how durable your web server is and how fast it can handle web page requests).
Used here.

10. OctaGate SiteTimer.

OctaGate SiteTimer is a rather straightforward online tool: you plug in the URL you want to test and, in turn, it will output a bar graph featuring all web page objects containing information such as download start times, end times and duration for each. This tool is beneficial for quickly discovering slow-loading page objects so that you can optimize them to improve website speed.
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