How To Keyword In The Top 3 Google Search

How To  Keyword In The Top 3 Google Search

    website on the top 3 google is  wish all webmatter, If you own a website, make sure that you will have the desire to get good rankings in the search results of search engines like Google. Putting your website on the first page of Google search results or Google Top 3 is not impossible if you have perfect SEO strategy and implement that strategy.
Once your website has topped google the business of your company will always favorable, 
The following are tips to help your keyword on top of google.

1. Choose Appropriate Keywords.

   Choosing the right keywords for SEO plan will determine whether you are successful in the first page of search results or the top 10 google or not . Choose keywords wisely by putting yourself in the position of a visitor to find the potential keywords , make sure that the keywords you choose are the keywords that people will be interested and then sought significant new effort you spend .
   In my experience doing SEO , then you should opt for the longer keywords are short keywords . For example, web promotion services instead of web promotion SEO tips for website upgrades instead of secret SEO or website on google ads instead of web advertising .

2. Build Quality Links And More.

   Many SEOers often said that ” content is king and linking is queen ” is content that is SEO and No. 1 in the 2nd link . Thus, to make you understand the importance of building links to . Google can calculate quite accurately the number and quality of links to your website . With many links to websites , Google will think that your site is important and popular . However, these links must be equal to or content on or close to the same industry sector . On how to build links effectively , will guide you in the post .
With the ranking system- on Google , you can find that information and increase traffic to their website and from there will be more promotion for the website as well as your business 

3. Optimize Images.

   Add alt tags and title  in all of your images and make sure to optimize the size to cut the server load. For WordPress you can use plugin to automate this task and for other platform you can use standalone software like Gimp or XnConvert. Reducing the image size without compromising its quality is called as lossless optimization and thus reduces the loading time of your website, Since Google has incorporated Site speed in ranking of Search Results.

4. To Well Optimized Website.

   The implementation of website optimization or also known as On Page SEO ( SEO specialized terminology ) remain the cornerstone of successful SEO process . You need to put keywords into tricky positions needed to visitors how not uncomfortable or offensive . The key positions such as : title ( title tag ) , meta ( meta description , meta keywords ) , alt tags , the content , links , etc … It should be noted that the more keywords near the top as possible. 

5. Duplicate Content And Constant Innovation.

   Google does not like the content is not original ( the original), provide quality contents to your visitors, engage visitors and decrease bounce rate of your website. Don’t copy other’s work, write fresh contents,easy to read and primarily for your readers not for Search Engine . If your website content is not original , even where they are trying to also difficult for you to rank well ( except for special cases, such sites have high trust rank etc. . ) . Should regularly update the content to the new content is constantly changing to avoid boring the reader.

Good Luck To You!

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