Tips For Using Windows XP When Microsoft Stopped Supporting

Tips For Using Windows XP When Microsoft Stopped Supporting

    As announced earlier, will be formally discontinued Windows XP support since 04/2014. This article will guide you to use Windows XP always safe should you still can to use the operating system ....

Tips For Fsing Windows XP When Microsoft Stopped Supporting.

While the new security patch will not be released for Windows XP , everything else will work like it did before .
The core issue here is that if there are new vulnerabilities are discovered after support ends , it will not be fixed and fix again , so the system will be vulnerable before the attack .

It is a problem that users of Windows XP regardless . While some can be upgraded to Windows 7 , or 8 , or instead switch to Linux , but others may not wish to do so .
If you are one of those who love and want to continue to use Windows XP on your computer , you may need to improve the protection system , especially if you frequent network connection .

This article shows the main software group can protect Windows XP against dangerous threats from the Internet , when Windows XP support officially discontinued since 04 / 2014.

1 / Use Sandbox.

Tips For Using Windows XP When Microsoft Stopped Supporting 1
Sandbox is basically an environment used to run the software and the environment it is situated in a tightly controlled . Sandbox help limit the functionality of the code , to grant a certain code only make a certain number of functions , from which it can not perform other interventions can do harm to the computer users .

If >> If interested you can download the latest Sandbox  Full  here
2 / Mitigating exploits.

Tips For Using Windows XP When Microsoft Stopped Supporting 2
If Windows XP is under attack and defense system has been compromised , you can still prevent using these tools reduce the exploitation of vulnerabilities . You can use tools such as Anti - Exploit or Emet . In Emet is that Microsoft should be the product of " savvy " Windows XP would be better >> recommend.

3 / Firewall.

Windows Firewall will help better control of network access . It allows or denies the access attempts of the network and software applications based on the available configuration settings or custom .

If you are using security software , it can be attached to the firewall for users , especially high -level antivirus . The application firewall can best told through like Comodo Firewall , Private Firewall or Outpost Firewall Free

4 / Antivirus.

Tips For Using Windows XP When Microsoft Stopped Supporting 3
An antivirus is indispensable for Windows XP . Currently there are a lot of strong antivirus and security for Windows XP , you can simply use the free antivirus as Avast Free Antivirus , Bitdefender Antivirus Free .. or Microsoft Security Essentials for simple needs . References >> antivirus software in here .
P / s : if possible you should use the paid antivirus map will be a lot more effective .

5 / Always update.

In addition to security measures , you also need to stay updated version of its software applications that frequently use such as web browsing , checking email , ... If you do not have time , you can use SUMO to do this automatically .


Should not really matter whether Windows XP will be death in 04 / 2014 if you are not so dependent on the update package from Microsoft . If necessary , measures Windows upgrade to a newer version is a good choice that you need to consider .

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