Guidance Create A Forum For Blogger

Guidance Create A Forum For Blogger
   In some websites you often see them create forums for many different purposes such as learning to share information, exchange, increased traffic ... in blogger you can totally have a similar forum . On Blogger , you are not allowed to create a subdomain or folder to a new design that could be a forum . So if you want a forum site on Blogger , you need a certain tips . And this topic will help you do that.

1 . After logging in Blogger , you need to create a static page (static page ). In Design >> Posting >> Edit Pages >> New Page and create a forum titled. Remember page links  forum  look like this: .

2 . You Create a free forum in Nabble
Guidance Create A Forum For Blogger 1
  You fill out personal information on the registration form , the most important is the email address and password . Nabble will enable confirmation email to the email address you registered. Sign into your email account , mail box ( may be in spam box ) and click the confirmation link to activate your account Nabble . You need to remember the password.

In the process of creating an account , you need to put a name to your forum , such as : My Blogger Forum for example. After you have registered and activated successfully, you log in to your account and select Nabble Embedding Options. Copy the HTML code.

3 . At Blogger account:  to Design >> Edit HTML and select " Expand Widget Templates ".

Press the key combination Ctrl + F and find the line of code:

class='story_text'> id='content-wrapper'>

Paste the following code into the code line above.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'>
the code from Nabble have get step 2
< / b : if>

4 . Next step is to mark some of the components on your blog page displaying forum . Paste the following code after the line ]]></b:skin>.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'>
<style type='text/css'>
# content - wrapper {
display: none ! important;
< / style>
< / b : if>

  Save Template is finished. Now you can take the time to invite friends to join your forum already.
Note: If you want to create a forum Independent on Blogger , you have to create a new blog . Then go to edit the template , delete the entire section code between 2 tab <body> code , < / body> tag and replace it with the code on Nabble obtained in step 2.

If you have a custom domain name , you can create a subdomain as well as a good solution .

wish you success .

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