List Best CPV Networks Or Sites Of All Time in 2014

List Best CPV Networks Or Sites Of All Time in 2014

   In previous posts I've shared with you a number of methods to monetize your blog.  Today I am going to write on Top 10 Best Cost Per View (CPV) Networks or Sites of 2013-2014. CPV Sites are also known as PPV Sites. Actually it simply means that you only pay when a potential customer actually views your ad etc. In other words, the advertiser has to pay only when the user visit blog or website. Keep Note- Not on per impression or per thousand times of basis. Here the rates of CPV are lower than the rates of CPC. So without wasting much more time, lets see some top 10 best CPV Sites of 2014 below.

What Are CPV Sites?

CPV stands for Cost Per View, and is the kind of online advertising where someone get a pop up on their screen, when typing a specific keyword or URL that someone is bidding on. This CPV funda consists of all CPV websites. So Below are the best top 10 list of them to make more money.

List Best CPV Networks Or Sites Of All Time in 2014.

1. Media Traffic      - great for beginners, low minimum deposit, low traffic needed.
2. DirectCPV            - good overall quality and recommended for small blogs.
3. Trafficvance       - Large Set of Advertisers and good for high traffic sites.
4. LeadImpact        -  higher traffic, $200 deposit minimum
5. AdOn Network   - New Network and you must give it a try!
6. Adoori                   - Well Adoori displays related contextual banners, in text ads etc.
7. Clicksor                 - It supports all CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM ads too.
8. MegaClick             -  one of the popular and cost effective CPV network for affiliates.
9. CPV Marketplace - Actually this is a network with limited no. of ads and advertisers.
10. Linksador           - Very new and innovative CPV system here.


I hope you all will like my above created list of CPV Sites. So its my humble request to sign up there and keep making money with your’s blog/site. Also from these sites, you can still earn without AdSense. 
Here is a list of websites where you can participate in this year make good money, if you find helpful, please like and share with your friends. I wish you a lot of money.

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