List Top High PR Blogs To Submit A Guest Post

List Top High PR Blogs To Submit A Guest Post

   To increase traffic to blog and create backlinks play a crucial role in the development of blogs, websites. in which the number of potential customers visiting the blog is a matter of business survival. 

In this article I will show you a way that seo is guest blogging.

Guest posts means writing and publishing an article for SEO purposes. Every blogger knows about guest posting that guest posting builds relationships with other bloggers. Guest blogging is one of the best popular method link building process to get back links. Guest blogging is content based SEO. Guest blog will help you increase search engine ranking and increase your website or blog traffic. Without a huge traffic website or blog is totally useless. I suggest you to read that blog guest posting guidelines before submitting your article post. This list will help you to make quality back links on your website or blog.

1. DailyBlogTips.

This is a fun little blog that allows you to submit your content. There are quite a lot of rules and they do not accept many posts, so you should read up on their rules first. However, if you are willing you are able to upload a guest post and enjoy a bit of direct traffic and a nice amount of SEO benefit. The PageRank of this blog is 5, the Alexa Rank is 6849 and its domain authority is 86.

2. BloggingTips.

This is a blog that has a number of rules regarding what it will and will not accept as a guest blog post. The content submission rules are strict and well managed, which is one of the reasons why the blog is ranked so highly. You may enjoy the SEO benefits that come from linking from a site that has a PageRank of 2 and is the 7149 th most visited site in the world. Its domain authority is 70. If you would like to see the type of things that is accepted on the site, then why not have a look at some of the other guest posts? You will see how detailed the guest posts must be, and will see how well they must be written.


This is a very popular blog that accepts guest posts. You can upload an accepted guest post and receive all of the SEO benefits if you do it correctly. This blog has a PageRank of 6, and a domain authority of 87. Its Alexa Rank is 3349. It is therefore a very good blog to upload your content to. You may also find that your content is visited more than on other blogs, and that you are likely to receive more of an SEO benefit than with many other blogs. The blog quality varies on this site, from very good to average, but it is recommended that you post higher quality posts on this site if you want your blog posts to be accepted.

4. DigitalInspiration.

This blog is highly popular owned by Amit Agarwal but it has some very strict content submission rules. It is only for blog posts about technology, and they cannot really be very generalized either. If you have a technology blog then a link from here is going to get you a lot of direct traffic. It is also going to help out your blog SEO quite a bit. It has a domain authority of 80 and a PageRank of 6. According to Alexa, it is the 2648th most visited site in the world.


  This is a very good blog which is probably the most well managed blog running on this entire list. A great thing is that they exist entirely on guest blog posts. They do not write any of their own blogs. This is a very good and very clever idea if it is done right, and ComLuv seem to be doing it right.

Having a well managed guest blog is the best way to go, so getting your guest blog uploaded on this site will be a good thing. They currently have a domain authority of 76, and a PageRank of 5. Alexa say that they are the 11457th most visited site on the entire web, which is very impressive.

  If you would like to upload a guest post onto ComLuv, then you should install the CommentLuv plugin onto your WordPress blog (if you have one). Search the plugin directory to find it, and add it to your blog in order to have your guest post submitted. You do this by registering to become a guest author on the ComLuv website. They will allow you to submit as many articles as you like, but whether they are all accepted in another matter.


Few salient features about - 

1.            Started in 2003, with a consistent track record
2.            Features an active and high quality blog, that accepts guest posts
3.            Unique Article on Demand service where we write original and insightful articles   covering industries and concepts on behalf of sponsor websites. 
  These are neutral, informational articles written about a concept rather than promotional. 
4.            Listed in many places as among the top directories of the world

5.            Listed in and Yahoo Directory. 

The following is a list of charts that you can blog guest blogging that I've collected.

No Guest Posting Sites List                         PR   Submit Type

1.                      8           Free Submit

2.                    7           Free Submit
3.                7           Free Submit
4.                     7           Free Submit
5.     7           Free Submit
6.                        6           Free Submit
7.                 6           Free Submit
8.                6           Free Submit
9.                            6           Free Submit
10.                 6           Free Submit
11.             6          Free Submit
12.               5          Free Submit
13.         5          Free Submit
14.            5          Free Submit
15.             5          Free Submit
16.                 5  Free Submit
17.             5         Free Submit
18.                    5        Free Submit
19.                   5        Free Submit
20.                     5        Free Submit
21.           5         Free Submit
22.          5         Free Submit
23.                5         Free Submit
24.                 4         Free Submit
25.                5         Free Submit
26.                     5         Free Submit
27.               4 Free Submit
28.                 4 Free Submit
29.                  4       Free Submit
30.                         4      Free Submit
31.             4 Free Submit
32.            4 Free Submit
33.     4      Free Submit
34.          4   Free Submit
35.           5       Free Submit
36.                      4 Free Submit
37.                             4 Free Submit
38.                           4 Free Submit
40.                       3 Free Submit
41.                        3 Free Submit
42.                  3      Free Submit
43.               3      Free Submit
44.               3      Free Submit
45.                 3      Free Submit
46.                     3 Free Submit
47.                          3        Free Submit
48.              3        Free Submit
49.                              3  Free Submit
50.             3        Free Submit
51.                     3       Free Submit
52.                        3       Free Submit
53.                            3       Free Submit
54.                                 3       Free Submit
55.                           3 Free Submit
56.                              3 Free Submit
57.                        3 Free Submit
58.                        3 Free Submit
59.                              2 Free Submit
60.                              2 Free Submit
61.                           2 Free Submit
62.                          2     Free Submit
63.                          2 Free Submit
64.                   2 Free Submit
65.                        2     Free Submit
66.                               2    Free Submit
67.                         2 Free Submit
68.                         2 Free Submit
69.                       2 Free Submit
70.                          2    Free Submit
71.                    2     Free Submit
72.                          2     Free Submit
73.                               2 Free Submit
74.                             2     Free Submit
75.                      2 Free Submit
76.                            2    Free Submit
77.                           2      Free Submit
78.                           2 Free Submit
79.                       2  Free Submit
80.                        2 Free Submit

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