Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8

Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8

    There are many solutions to backup and restore data to your various options, including integrated solutions on both Windows and is of course indispensable solution to backup and restore your data third party, from free to fee. To the user can choose for themselves a suitable solution to the needs, the article will present six ways in which users can choose.

Most computer users will need to backup your files , especially the more important data should be backed up more frequently. To avoid such circumstances your data is damaged, lost due to virus, damaged hard drive ... so the backup job data is important.

1. Backing Up Files In Windows 7

   By default, Windows 7 operating system integrated file backup tool called Backup and Restore. This tool is quite flexible, allowing you to backup your data files, folders, or even specific per file on your computer. Windows 7 also allows you to create backup images of your entire system, you can restore the system back to its original state.

Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8 1
Besides Windows also allows you to save backup copies of system data to a different location in the intranet, internal hard drive or an external drive. You can also configure the backup process is done automatically on a schedule.

Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8 2
Then you can restore files from this backup. Although Windows 8 is also equipped with its own data backup, but backup tools including Windows 7, so you can continue to use the backup feature of Windows 7 over Windows 8 or restore for the backup.

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Watch video how to backup and recover data on Windows 7:
view here.

2. Backup Files in Windows 8

   Backup feature in Windows 8 is called File History. In which this feature works like Apple's Time Machine . Since not many people actually use the backup feature of Windows 7, so Microsoft has designed a tool so that users can easily backup and restore on Windows 8 system.
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Unlike other backup systems Windows 7, Windows 8 File History backup only the files in the directory as the user data libraries ( Libraries ) to your desktop and folders . So if you want to backup a folder arbitrary elsewhere , you 'll have to add that folder to your library.

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After you have set up File History, Windows will save copies of your files on a regular basis to external drive or a network share. The backup will be done automatically in the background. Then you can use File History to " turn back time " to restore a copy of the deleted files and previous versions of existing files.

Watch video how to install and use File History in Windows 8/8.1 :
View Here.

3. Free Backup Program.

   If you are not satisfied with the built-in backup feature of Windows, you can select an application by a third party backup. In addition to the application fee, the Cobian Backup is a free backup solution best you can find. Cobian Backup tools and third-party backup unusually powerful and more flexible integrated backup feature of Windows. 
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With Cobian Backup, you have more control of their backups. You can create a variety of backup tasks, each task includes both "source" and "destination". You can set filters to exclude or include different types of files, enable or disable a program at the beginning or end of each backup task. You can choose to automatically store and encrypt backup ... All these settings can be customized for each different backup jobs. 

Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8 7

Undeniably Cobian Backup is a powerful backup application, but also because there are so many settings that users sometimes feel a little troubled. But for those who need a simple backup solution, the integrated backup tool of Windows is suitable, but who need the flexibility to use Cobian Backup is the leading free solution. 

View video using Cobian Backup:
View Here.

4. Backup Program Fee.

In addition to the free backup solution backup solution is flexible and pay is pretty much good reviews, one of which must include Paragon Hard Disk Manager tool ($ 49.95). Although management is a tool hard drive but Paragon Hard Disk Manager tool has been integrated backup and restore personal data. 

Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8 8
The software like Paragon Hard Disk Manager is usually a combination of user-friendly interface of data backup tool on Windows with all the advanced features that you find in a program like Cobian Backup. 

If you are looking to add a backup solution with advanced features, along with a user-friendly interface, then you may want to consider a backup program fee, depending on demand. 

View video using Paragon Hard Disk Manager:
View Here.

5. Cloud Backup 

   You can also choose to ignore all backup programs installed on computers that utilize cloud storage solution to keep your files safe. Among the many cloud storage services available today, not to mention services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive, all three are supported by online backup and automatic data synchronization with the computer on your other devices. Of course, Dropbox and similar services is really not ideal backup solution, because if you accidentally delete files from your Dropbox folder, the file will be deleted from the Dropbox service directly online. However, there are a number of hosting services that even if you do not delete the files after a certain period of time, your files will be deleted automatically. 

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   Instead of hosting solutions and cloud sync services, you may want to try a backup solution based on other cloud called CrashPlan. Unlike Dropbox, CrashPlan service not only supports data synchronization, but also focus on backing up your files. When working, the engine will run in the background and automatically backup files from anywhere on your hard drive that you specify. CrashPlan can also be configured to back up data on external hard drive, to help you backup all your data on your computer and external drives on a cloud. You can even backup your files on the computer of a friend for free. If you only use software packages to perform at the internal backup, CrashPlan is completely free. 

Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8 10

6. The Other Backup Solutions.

  The backup solution listed here are not the only options. If you only have a few important files, you can use the "classic" is often copy them to a USB drive, although it's backup solution is very tedious compared to the more advanced dedicated store. 
Safest Way To Back Up And Restore Data In Windows 7 & 8 11
    You can even try using BitTorrent Sync tool ( / sync) to automatically synchronize files between multiple computers to ensure your files are synchronized with the machine Other features that you have access. If you have many different computer with more hard disk space and bandwidth, this could be a perfect solution. Because BitTorrent Sync will not store your files online, but just move them between computers are configured together to perform, this means that you can not restrict the backup file. 

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