Spread Content Articles In Seo For Blog

Spread Content Articles  In Seo For Blog

    When finished writing the blog we often find ways to share your posts have more readers, how to spread your articles fast in the online community?

   When it comes to affiliate marketing, the spread work more meaningful , thus ensuring the preparation of equivalent efficacy when the campaign is successful. Basically your content would be great if it does not just stop at read, watching, longer that also can share and attracting a large number of visitors and valuable links.

   Site content is presented where the features and benefits of products and services by its main inspiration and understanding we can write quality articles through which hit certain purposes as: Ranking, Authority, Traffic, prospect...

 What is Viral Content ?

   Previously when we write, we always think of the product features, the value that we can bring to our customers but often overlooked element of emotion into writing this accidentally reduce the strong success of the overall campaign Content .

   From there, the SEO experts thought combining emotional content to their content rich emotional appeal to the reader , addressing the needs of the viewer, offering better solutions for customers is providing what they have. Besides, by this content should contain in addition to the emotional feeling for the viewer it can also spread to other people through the emotions of the reader.

 So, Viral content is also an article, blog post content like other normal, except that it contained emotion to spread.

 Creating Viral Content in any way ?

 In many ways we can create an emotional content. In particular, innovation is a key factor mandatory because it will make our content becomes more interesting in the eyes of the reader, making them feel excited as never seen what they 're seeing .

Spread In Seo Content Articles 1
So , to create an emotional content contains one of the following advice :

 1 ) Content Optimization :
Spread Content Articles  In Seo For site
 Before Viral content, we need 3 steps :

• Write a draft
• Writing optimized
• Viral Content

  Over drafts you can insert the keywords that users are searching for (keywords long ) , presents the most basic content. Then proceed to optimize the complete draft. This step is quite important and required in any viral campaign content, you can not just post has optimal parallel with the viral it.

   Back to optimize, you need optimum almost everything on the website such as title, description , content, images, ... to increase efficiency
Part optimize your content should combine with keyword analysis included access keywords , keyword trends , from long locks, ... to create content and diversity to meet the needs of the viewer when looking for information information through Google.

 2 ) to ensure best value and reasonable.

   Often a reader when they look at the content of a website, they will ask: " This content gives me something ? ". And from that question , the copywriter has changed the way writing , instead of listing as many of the features that the product which they will brainstorm as many solutions for customers will be solved in the best way through the features of the products they offer. When the viewer will feel that this is what they need and they will share this information with your friends via media channels and socials they will help you elevate the value of website content.

  You can create a survey to get the opinions of users through several survey questions, then let's sum it up and analyzed according to the goals and objectives that you have set out to reach the customer your prospects.

 3 ) Focus on Content.

   When viral to note that we should only focus on a specific problem , or in other words an article just SEO for 1 keyword, SEO avoids too many keywords for an article like this because of the coverage from key will be difficult and it will not solved the problem of the customer .

   After creating viral content , you can continue to use comments to promote their propagation process, create multiple nicks from ip and then comment the good reviews about the product.
You should check it regularly because it's your brand, avoid injury report rival website. If possible you should leave all the statistics of their content, copyrighted article, avoid duplication and reduce the quality of your content .

 4 ) Share the Message.

   Make the most integrated button you can share the content on the website , through this button users can easily share your posts on social networking sites like facebook, twitter , linkedIn ... Maybe sure you do not want users to copy and paste the url into Facebook and then share with their friends instead of just clicking the button available .
In addition, you also need to actively spread to increase efficiency, to correctly identify the object to the best viral.

 For example, the product will easy cheap usually viral in the student group, the viral content for businesses, viral recruitment will be easier to find work in the group.

Wish You Success.

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