The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014

The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014

   A blog should have a hosting and install it on our blog for easy editing and managing blogs. 
Just $ 4.95 for 1 month you’ve owned a huge Hosting : bandwidth and  disk space unlimited , unlimited domain names, customer care 24/7, very competitive price..vvv.Especially the system automatically creates the kind available on the Website: News, Sales , Online Counseling, Diary, classifieds, ..
Currently, there are many network providers hosting service, but to find a good supplier, you really need to consider carefully. So a good hosting and quality will affect pretty much to the services, products or information you provide on the website / blog.
technewonline will introduce top 10 best hosting services provider. Just have a credit card or a Paypal account.

1. HostGator.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 1
HostGator is a hosting provider is very well known because it is one of the 10 largest companies in the world about hosting and domain name,according to statistics, it is providing hosting to over 1,800,000 domains and about over 200 employees. That figure was also somewhat more people believe s and i know there are many companies and bloggers are doing reseller for HostGator and use their services again.
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2. HostMonster.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 2
HostMonster is a hosting provider is twin brother of BlueHost. No evidence to prove them is same  a home. However, the promotions of BlueHost usually occurs simultaneously with HostMonster and usually cost the same. Example: Currently BlueHost is by flushing the promotional price of $ 3.95 on HostMonster also show price $ 3.95. An interesting coincidence. However, HostMonster is also appreciated and trusted of many bloggers .
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3. Ipage.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 3
Ipage  gives you Unlimited hosting package only $ 4.50 a month. With a team of over 800 employees, Ipage quality customer service excellent.
If you do not already have hosting and is considering whether it should choose?Ipage hosting service is an option you should consider….
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The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 4
Godaddy a hosting provider and domain name for many bloggers are trusted worldwide.GoDaddy Hosting is amazing, very fast and faster HostGator
Godaddy is a supplier of domain name services and hosting the world’s largest system for high security, easy management, reasonable prices and easy payment. Founded by Bob Parsons in 1997 until early 2005, GoDaddy has 16% market share, and manage about 7 million domain names in the world, so far, the number of domain names at Godaddy has managed up to number 60 million and  next growing. Also includes over 40 Godaddy bundled services, the number of employees in 3400 and 600 developers….
The biggest advantage of GoDaddy, especially during this time discounts are only $ 1 / month to your registry a hosting.In addition, GoDaddy have coupon for renew hosting
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5. Namcheap.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 5
Namecheap is a provider of domains and hosting services big in the world beside GoDaddy and some other service provider. Namecheap have a security feature 2 layer security. The security features 2 layer on the phone is quite responsive and quick, almost immediately had a message containing the confirmation code to my phone, faster than Google anymore. With this feature you also somewhat reassured about confidentiality, fear not hack the password again.
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6. BlueHost.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 6
Today, BlueHost jubilant promotion  only $ 3.95 / month for hosting unlimited package and you also get that extra a free domain forever. Moreover, you also get 15 days to try professional spam filtering feature called Postini. Speed and support, please do not say any more, you can check the speed ,a lot of blogs currently using BlueHost service.
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7. DreamHost.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 7
DreamHost is also one of the hosting provider is reputable and quality . Some bloggers and webmasters use DreamHost is very much. However, if compared to the price of DreamHost with BlueHost is slightly higher.
Another great thing is that Dreamhost has a plan commission great tea, you will not waste your money if you have introduced for 2-3 people using Dreamhost …
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8. JustHost.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 8
In hosting companies in the world , rated as one of 10 best hosting
With the hosting features as follows:
  • CPanel latest (11)
  • Unlimited everything (bandwidth, you can use one host to multiple sites, creating multiple databases ….)
  • Anytime moneyback: a refund at any time if not satisfied Justhost services
  • Accept payment via Paypal, Credit Card (accept Visa debit cards, not necessarily require visa creditcard)
With the strong points that, along with the best possible service support, live chat support 24/24, Justhost quickly becoming the leading website hosting service in the world.
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9. IXWebhosting.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 9
This is one of the top 10 vendors in 8/2009 and has a long reputation in the blogger community. You pay only $ 3.95 / month for the unlimited package and you also get deals such as free domain and support, free setup fees …
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10. Inmotion Hosting.
The Best Hosting Services For Blog in 2014 10
  Inmotion Hosting provide very many diverse hosting services, cheap hosting packages for individuals, VPS,Server and hosting for business. Even the cheapest hosting of Inmotion (only $ 3/1 month) also provides utilities such as Backup, Website Bulder, protection against spam …
Inmotion Hosting to be Magazine CNET (leading Journal of Information Technology) rated class 3 stars (highest rating) and is considered the official provider of CNET. Reasonable price, fast speed server, hosting stability, customer care service good, Inmotion is one of the few companies provide  Max Speed Zones sevices allow you to load web faster . Also as Inmotion VPS provider is reputable and quality
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Cost savings for hosting service is wisely during tough economic times.
Wish You Success.

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