Ways Earned Money From PostJoint?

Ways Earned Money From PostJoint

  Earn money in the form of affiliate marketing is now so popular in the MMO community, it is important that we find the money for the prestige form suitable for your website. Apart from the usual advertising network revenues, sponsored or paid content is a lucrative way if you can do it the right way.
Today I am going to introduce a legitimate publishing platform to monetize your blogs.  PostJoint.com.

What Is PostJoint?

  I came across PostJoint via Zac’s own introductory post a couple of months back. PostJoint is a “content marketing platform developed by a London-based digital marketing agency, UareL. It is ‘not’ a blog network. PostJoint brings advertisers and bloggers together to create a publishing environment, where bloggers are sometimes paid to post the advertiser’s article”. (Source)
Initially, my blog SocialVani.com was declined by their staff. I re-applied after few weeks and it got approved. From July to mid-November, I earned only $205 from PostJoint and from roughly around November-end to 11 December, I have earned a cool $960, totaling $1165.
Here’s the screenshot.
Ways Earned Money From PostJoint 1
Clarification: You are seeing $1000 here instead of $1165. Actually, $50 is pending and $115 received independently from the PostJoint advertiser. Anybody having doubt can check my account via Team Viewer.

A Common Misconception: Natural vs. Unnatural Linking.

  When I shared the earnings on my Facebook profile, some bloggers messaged me with their perception that paid posts go against the grain of Google policy. Why? This is because the link is “paid for” and not natural.
To counter this argument, I would say the comments you are going to leave after reading this post will link back to your blog or website homepage, and that is also unnatural. Why? The link wasn’t “naturally” created.
To clear the “natural” vs. “unnatural” confusion, if you write a post and let’s say, TechCrunch.com picks it up and links back to your blog post, it is a natural link. Everything thing else is not.

Therefore, when you are accepting paid content from sites like PostJoint and publishing on your blogs, you need to take note of few things:
  • The content should be relevant to the intended blog.
  • The external link should be relevant and have quality.
  Focus on the content. If the content isn’t up to the standard, use self resources to modify it and make it engaging for readers.
The advertisers on sites like PostJoint are mainly small to mid-size businesses looking for global outreach. By publishing relevant content (non promotional), you are networking / helping them; is this wrong?

PostJoint for Bloggers.

  Sign up and send the blog links for approval. Set up the blog account by adding relevant keywords. The dashboard shows the number of opportunities available. Each opportunity shows 8-10 lines (not the full content) and the list of external links.

Read the paragraph and check the links. If you’re satisfied, fill up the proposal form. Mention the expected price. Ensure that the content is suitable for your blog. If you keep on adding irrelevant content, no one can stop penalization.

Anyways, 10 credits are given to the blogger every week. The number of credits will remain the same depending on the blog approval rate. See the given screenshot. I can bid on endless opportunities; there aren’t any fixed credits because the rate of approval is higher than other blogs.
Ways Earned Money From PostJoint 2
  Once the advertiser chooses your blog, a confirmation email is sent to the registered email id. You have 48 hours to publish the post. If there are some issues, use the messaging system to communicate with the advertiser.

Once done, leave the URL in the designated space and the advertiser pays the fees within 5 days directly to the mentioned PayPal id. There is no waiting period. There is no threshold. You don’t have to wait even a day to get paid. All goes directly to the PayPal id.

PostJoint for Advertisers.

  Once your account is approved, you can start creating campaigns instantly. You can either mention a fixed amount per post or choose the “All Considered” option for bidding bloggers to enter their expected fee.
Choose blogs that meet requirements such as PA, DA and readership. Once the post is published, disburse the payment.

Feedback System.

  The feedback system works for both bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers should provide quality content and prompt payment for positive feedback. Bloggers should publish the post in time with the proper do-follow links for positive feedback.

The best way to get more $$$ from PostJoint is to choose relevant content.

That’s it.
As of now, joining PostJoint is free and they don’t charge any fees either. It can change anytime, so sign up now.
If you have any queries, ask me in the comments section.

Wish you make more money.

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