Best Sony Phones On The Market

Best Sony Phones On The Market

Sony Z1 C6903 Unlocked International

   This is one of the Sony phone is considered to be the best currently on the market in 2014. 

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   The Sony Xperia Z1 is another powerhouse of a phone. With a 20.7MP camera with G Lens technology, the ability to withstand rain, snow and sand and a superfast Snapdragon 800 processor running the show, it's clearly a great handset to have around.

   It also comes in a variety of funky colours, has a pleasing build quality that helps justify the higher price to a degree and basically offers the best of the Sony brand in a smartphone.
We do have a few reservations insofar as the Z1 doesn't really carry the mantle the Xperia Z created, it's got a massively uprated camera and screen technology, but neither particularly wow.

Don't think that this is anything less than a leading phone from Sony. It's just that the added thickness to accommodate the camera doesn't impress enough to plop it into the top five, nor the sub-par screen, and after the really great showing from the Xperia Z, we were a little disappointed.

   However, the slick interface that make Android feel more simple, the fun Walkman and Movies app and the overall power and battery life make this a really nice phone that once again shows Sony knows how to make a smartphone.

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 Product Information Best Sony Phones On The Market.

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 NEW Sony Xperia Honami Z1 16GB Black 20.7 mp Camera 5" 4G LTE Factory Unlocked Fast Shipping Ship All the World.

Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars (48 customer reviews).

The salient features of the Sony Z1 phone will definitely suit all your work.
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