How To Monetize Your Blog In 2014

 How To Monetize Your Blog  In  2014
   When you write a blog or website, to be able to survive long with this job, you must have income from this job.
   Whether you’ve recently started your own online blog in the hope of attracting millions of readers from all over the world, or even if you’ve got a promotional website that aims to educate people about a particular product or brand, learning how to make money from this should already be a top priority. You see; there are so many ways of monetising an internet presence these days that you’re bound to find something suitable with little or no effort, especially if you take time to read through the rest of this article.
The following is the money you can earn in 2014 from the blog that you can to refer.

1. Become An Affiliate.

Though the heyday of easy affiliate marketing is way behind us now, it’s still more than possible to make a few hundred pounds each month from some carefully placed product links on either your website or blog. All you need to do is register with a company that provides this service and select the items you believe your audience will be more inclined to purchase. You’ll only earn a small commission from this, but if you’ve got enough traffic on your site each day, that amount could add up to be a pretty penny. Also, through the use of affiliate networks and their PPC advertising schemes you can earn even more.
Now there are two affiliate marketing programs that you can join is amazon and clickbank. This is the most prestigious programs now that community blogger broad participation.

2. Allow Guest Posts.

There are lots of marketing agencies out there nowadays who represent website and business owners whilst trying to get them more attention through advertising and methods like creative content marketing. This is where you can cash in. Companies who deal with creative content for the agencies are always on the lookout for blog owners who are willing to allow guest posts (for a free of course) promoting whichever product or website they’re working on. You won’t make millions from this, but it all adds up.

3. Accept Advertising.

With services like Google AdSense becoming more and more user friendly, it might be a good idea to accept banner ads on your website or blog. Presuming you have over 5,000 visitors each day, the amount you earn could be rather encouraging. Even if you have fewer visitors, it’s still worth giving Adsense or one of her competitors a try because many companies are now using this means of advertising. So, the providers are able to target ads to your specific audience, meaning they shouldn’t really look out of place on your web pages. Alternatively, perhaps you might consider accepting ads from private individuals looking to promote things like books, or even their own website.

4. Sell Products or Services.

   Presuming you get a lot of visitors to your blog on a daily basis, and it’s really starting to take off, it could be worth looking into the possibility of being able to sell a few related products that your audience would be interested in. So, if you run a food blog, perhaps it could be wise to purchase some cool and funky cooking utensils in bulk and then sell them on to any interested parties. Likewise, if you’re running a blog about scuba diving it might be a good idea to sell snazzy patches that can be sewn onto a wet suit when accessorizing.

In much the same way, you have the ability to make from from selling a service, like your writing for instance. Having a blog is a great way of showcasing your talent for the written word to the world. So, why not put a few details on there about how you’re willing to write articles for other industry related blogs? You’ll be able to charge anywhere from £5 to £50 for a single post to begin with depending on the length of it, and this extra money could really come in handy.

5. Dropshipping.

   If you like to idea of selling products on your blog, but you really don’t fancy having to keep lots of stock at home or taking daily trips to the post office, then dropshipping could be the ideal solution. There are many companies out there who provide this service, and basically it just involves you listing their products. Any orders made will be fulfilled by the supplier concerned, leaving you to sit back and earn a healthy commission.

6. Donation.

You have probably seen this button called “donation” in someone’s website. It is quite simple and good way to earn money. It is quite out-dated way but many blogger still use this way to gain some revenue. Have you ever donated anywhere? It is time to try it out.

7. Membership Sites.

   Membership sites are a good path to get a good reward for your high quality content and a regular income. In comparison with normal blogs, any kind of membership websites require some commitment to quality content and even some level of adherence to publish that type of content. If you have a normal website, you can easily make it membership site. There are lots of WordPress plugins that help you to convert the site into any form of membership site. You just need to decide what you want to give for some fees and what you want to give for free.

Here are 7 ways to make money on a good blog in 2014 which I have collected, hope you have good directions for making money and development website/blog. 
I wish you success.

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