Seo Website In 2014 Follow Index Pa And Da

Seo Website In 2014 Follow Index Pa And Da
When Pagerank almost no sense to SEO website, the SEOER  is looking at 2  index DA and PA.
sometimes you do not know what is PA and Da and it means to say something?
Most of you knew about SEOmoz SEO, SEOmoz self launched two websites indicators, and 2 index is also the process of analyzing the algorithm google  of SEOmoz created to help your wesite to the top of google.

   In fact, not only you get a high number of DA and PA are you going to top google that SEOmoz  just based on criteria developed by google website to make two indicators. Therefore, when you do good 2 index is also possible you are developing your website according to the criteria of Google.  When google does not tell us how to google to top, then SEOmoz analyze and  launched two indices to weigh you how SEO really good.
Here, I translated this article to help you more easily visualize the DA and PA and how to improve these two indices.

I / DA (Domain Authority?): 
Seo Website In 2014 Follow Index Pa And Da 1
  Is its name Domain Authority is one indexes of the websites it  like Google Pagerank or AlexaRank, has been synthesized from Alexarank analysis, and the Backlinks Pagarank. In other words, if you have a high DA index means you also have high Pagarank and Backlink Alexarank high.

   The index DA has a scale of 1-100 So is there more 100 determinant of DA for any site.
According to SEOmoz to reach 20-30 DA index is very easy you just have normal development website backlinks amount or even less content you can still achieve this score, but from 40-70 the website has great traffic and strong development, alexa under 1 million ..
Also, the 70-100 is the large community, the site content and strong in google index greater than 1 million. Belong alexa top 10,000 sites.

Here we were interested DA in the analysis of the indicators, and we are only interested in a number of key issues such as:

1. Age domain name.

The website developed early and long life will be a key point in the index because the website have a high age ie they spend a lot of time to develop and really is a trustworthy website with users, the hence the google search results website will favor this site, because it proves that they are the first website developed and continues to grow to serve the user.

2. Popularity.

Popularity comes to the attention of people to your website, traffic and turning it regularly or not, the number of search queries have increased further with your website, search for key words different rise not show it to your regular website development.

3. Backlink.

Backlink, who also was clear then, but according to SEOmoz index DA will assess the proportion website backlink is a website with good content, that is when you swap, or get a massive amount of backlinks but poor content, it would be a bad website, you develop quality backlinks and content are evenly, you will not encounter problems  panda or penguin.

4. Importance.

The importance of a website showing the amount of information it is important for users. And the traffic on google search information log on to your website as much as it shows the importance of your website.
Therefore, the answer may be as many keywords on google, and click on google of people looking at the site would be the best way to improve your website's importance.

5. The magnitude of the website:

magnitude of website talk about the magnitude of the data, the number of subdomains as well as all of the website links on the internet articles.
So how to check index DA?
To check DA you can use the following website:
User here and here.

Or use SEOmoz for Firefox browser addon. After installing firefox toolbar you will find in this index appear.

II/ PA ( Page Authority ):
Seo Website In 2014 Follow Index Pa And Da 2

   There are many forums in usa say PA index affects the arrangement on google website ranking , But according to me this is not true because there are dozens of websites have low PA still have higher ranking sites have high PA.

  PA is one indicator that SEOmoz analysis based on a scale of 100. PA index based on its index Mozscape index includes links, MozRank, MozTrust, and dozens of other factors that SEOmoz analysis.
Because based on a lot of factors to analyze  PA, SEOmoz not  tell us how to be a index  good PA.

   The best way to improve that is you improve Moztrust and Mozrank simultaneously use the tool to check the PA website competitor analysis as well as her own website to help you learn how to better index PA. 

   But according to SEOmoz revealed from the multi-page website that has been single massive traffic, or article more credibility appear on the search results will have higher PA.
You can also user here  to check the PA website.

Wish You Success.

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