Ways To Get An Email Address with @googlemail.com

Ways To Get An Email Address with @googlemail.com

   As you all know. Gmail one of the leading Email Service Providers in the world with lots of free space and fast service ever! But Are you Bore with @Gmail Extension or saying Gmail more and more, no problem Today We will tell you that How to get an email extension with @googlemail.com address by converting Gmail into GoogleMail etc. Well There are too many Gmail tricks which can make you stand out of the crowd and amaze you. Now the issue is How do you feel when someone says he has @googlemail address . If you are a Power Gmail user, then go with @googlemail address and make yourself unique. So lets learn what the trick?

So Ways to Get an Email Address with @googlemail.com  extension?

1. First of all make yourself registered at Gmail with his Sign Up Page.

2. Secret- With @gmail.com you will also get @googlemail address. That’s awesome, I mean Suppose you have an email address with the name [email protected] that means you also have an email address with [email protected]

3. All Done! Now You can use these both address to receive mail from your friends and share it with the Companies.

4. Enjoy and Get Go with GoogleMail Extension.
5. Now Use usernamegooglemail.com to save yourself from spam online etc...
Final Words:

I hope you all are amaze with this news, but its not an trick as everyone can do it. So what’s next, share using @googlemail.com as public usage or anything else. Now Share this article and your email address in Facebook, Google plus or any more and receive daily messages etc.

Extra Tip-  Set a filter to receive messages from @googlemail.com domain to a separate folder. This will help you to quickly find important E-mails if you receive tons of Email address at regular basis.
That done, we all experience.

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