Ways To Improve Website Rankings On Google

Ways To Improve Website Rankings On Google
   Practical to design a website you do not need to spend too much cost, but to really bring a website effective  is not company, or individual can also do that. Internet is creating a competitive environment with very large sorts of information, goods, data -abundant, thus  to google favors help you have a good ranking is not easy.

With the saturation of the market and Google is increasingly preferred payment results, the answer the charge Adwords that the competitive process Google ranking involves more than economic and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the natural development website.
Google algorithm change more than 500 times in one year to provide accurate results on the website rankings in favor of the search but the results are often trying governed by the webmaster, or the SEO website trying to figure sitting on top. That is why a growing number of websites trying to top all the way up will be more difficult for your website to the top one if you do not invest.

Here are 10 ways to help you improve your website ranking in 2014.

1. To avoid diluting the link between form http://yourwebsite.com and  www.yourwebsite.com solutions use a 301 redirect for both types combined on a link that is either www or not www. Purpose to sum up the results, the links are easily analyzed Google.

2. Prove content:
Validate site on google to know that you are specialized in what field. Use the submit site to Google 's website understand that you are providing what products, services and then what the search results for relevant keywords will be redirected to your website.

3. Create ads for services that benefit users search your website. ( This is the content that the user webmaster or foreign ) They seek to describe the nature Description headline for users to immediately click on the link, because you already know the product discounts or the sensation will stimulate most users, and gradually it became a habit to click on your site when users search for related fields.

4. In Vietnam stranger to feature Donate ( Charity ) or the Donate link to the website but prestige, great website will feature Donate a point that google is a website assessment that can potentially be favorably on the search results.

5. Create a website with news source product standards, frequent product updates, news website helps you answer a lot of related keywords on google, this will be the easiest way for those who do not need to know about SEO, optimization can also google up top.

6.create backlinks, Include a link to your website in all the biggest website you can , and put your website link in the same field related website, Google aim to classify you in the search results relevant, even even when they look the other website but the search results are in favor of your website.

7. Use Alexa or Google Analytics to analyze and find ways to entice website visitors will help you maintain rankings without fear of being overtaken other websites.

8. Using social networking, web videos, web links, web headlining image for your website, marketing it is never enough.

9. Distribute pictures everywhere from your website to all the other web sources, with alt keywords related to your website. The aim is to create quality answers on google image search returns a lot of your website.

Example: imagehack, imageshare or flickr.

10. Targeted keywords are the best way for you to SEO standards, up top there are many standard website development good but misguided keywords, site structure for SEO keywords other will make you difficult to improve ranking.

The above is my experience in website development, hoping for your help. 
I wish you success.

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