Ways To Quickly Index Your Blog Posts In Google

Ways To Quickly Index Your Blog Posts In Google

Some of you often wonder why I post articles slower google index of some website?
how to index my blog quickly?
new post not getting indexed by Google?
why my new post are not appearing on Google fast?

Well if its true then don’t worry as today I am going to share some secrets on How to Quickly index your blog posts in Google for better results and traffic. As you all knows Google being a leader in search engine and getting on it means a lot. Some bloggers complaint that their new posts didn’t get quickly indexed in Google but there are some reasons behind it! Crawling and Indexing are the two terms that are moving side by side, hence your site has good crawl rate to better index posts. So below are some ways or methods to index your new blog posts fastly in Google.

Ways To Quickly Index your Blog Posts in Google

1. Create a Sitemap and Submit to Google Webmaster Tool.

   A sitemap is an XML document on your website’s server that basically lists each page on your website. Its always a better idea to create your blog sitemap in which your all urls exist and submit to Google Webmaster for guarantee crawling of them. Sitemap tells search engines when new posts/pages have been added and how often to check back for changes on specific pages. To create sitemaps.

2. Write Regular Articles.

   According to me, Regularity is Must! Always write 1-2 articles daily which helps you to increase your crawl rate effectively. Improve your blog post frequency, so that crawler will come back to your blog whenever some fresh content is published, this helps to quickly index your blog posts.

3. Update Ping List in Blogger.

   Whenever a new article is published at your blog, these ping services will help you by pinging the search engines widely. The more ping services you have, the more traffic you can get! So please insert more and more ping sites to your Blogger setting.

4. Social Bookmarking Hits

   Its a fact that number of Social Media Sites hit Matters in super fast indexing! Google constantly indexes these social media websites, and any linkback to your blog would be followed very quickly! Use bookmaking buttons on your blog like Facebook Like, Twitter tweet and Google Plus button etc.

5. Try Google Fetch As Bot.

Google Fetch as Bot is a very new feature that is added to its Webmaster tools. It can help you to instantly index your posts live in Google search results.

How to submit a URL- 
First, use Diagnostics > Fetch As Googlebot to fetch the URL you want to submit to Google. If the URL is successfully fetched you’ll see a new "Submit to index" link appear next to the fetched URL.

Once you click "Submit to index" you’ll see a dialog box that allows you to choose whether you want to submit only the one URL, or that URL and all its linked pages. That’s it! 

6. Backlinks.

You should remember that even if you have quality articles anywhere without quality backlinks, it will be very difficult to get top google.

Well Backlinks cant be ignored! A website/blog with quality backlinks and pagerank always indexed fast. Therefore Try to build backlinks from high pagerank sites. Here are some of the best and common ways to build safe backlinks in 2014.

Writer Guest Posting
Blog Commenting
Must Use Forums
Interlinking Blog Posts
Submit your Blog and RSS feed to popular directories
Write great content and others will love to linkback it.

Above is my experience on Ways To Quickly Index your Blog Posts in Google.
Hopefully these articles will help you in developing websites, blogs. 
I wish you success.

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