Best Htc Smartphone In 2014

Best Htc Smartphone In 2014

HTC One M8 - Factory Unlocked 32GB

   In previous articles: Best Cell Phone On The Market, we introduced you to the best phone HTC One, Silver. One of the current best selling phone on the market today. 
After this we will continue to learn about the brother of this phone. HTC One M8, which inherited the fruits HTC One brother, silver has been achieved. Along with the development of technology more. HTC One M8 in the top well deserved best phone available today.

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   We're very glad HTC is better at making phones than it is at coming up with product names. The HTC One, of which there are many, has a brand new version that might just be the best phone you can buy.

The HTC One M8 is going head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z, and it's the best thing HTC has ever done.

If you asked smartphone superhero Gareth Beavis to review the HTC One M8 in a single word, that word would be "stunning". Give him more words and he'll add that it "takes the superb DNA of last year's device, improves it in nearly every area and then packs it full of all the latest technology...and still finds space to pack in a microSD card slot."
The M8 "can compete with Samsung on the technological front yet still stand toe-to-toe with Apple, arguably the producer of some of the best-looking devices of all time."

Product Description Best Htc smartphone In 2014

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The Best Just Got Better.
   Last year’s HTC One delivered a wide range of innovative smartphone breakthroughs: beautiful all-metal design, an ever-changing home screen that streams customized online feeds, dual front-facing speakers and an amazing HTC UltraPixel camera.

But innovation doesn't rest and neither does HTC. That’s why we’re introducing the HTC One (M8). With a full wrap-around, high quality, all-metal design with curved edges that naturally fit in your hand, significant enhancements to every breakthrough feature of last year’s model, as well as all-new innovations, the HTC One (M8) is designed to impress and built to perform.

Premium Design

   With the HTC One (M8), we've refined this process and taken our award-winning design to another level. The housing is now wraps all the way around the sides and right up to the edge of the display screen, creating natural curves that fit snugly in your hand and make it easy to hold. It’s curved back and brushed, high-quality metal present an unsurpassed premium look for a phone that’s as easy to admire, as it is to use.

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