Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone ?

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone

   New iPhone not yet appeared, can tell current smartphones Samsung Galaxy S5 is many people the most wishes to own.
But after Oppo Find 7 launch, Samsung Galaxy S5 can not be the only smartphone users "hunt find".
Oppo Find 7 smartphone has been China smartphone manufacturer Oppo has announced impressive data sheet, QHD display with pride and many other features.

Here is the comparison between the Galaxy S5 and Oppo Fine 7.

The battle screen

   Oppo Find 7 5.5 inch QHD screen resolution 2.560x1.440 2K pixels with a pixel density of 538ppi. This screen Oppo Find 7 more off of the screen resolution is only 5.1 inches in 1080 and a pixel density of 432ppi Galaxy S5. Not only Galaxy S5 that most smartphones on the market today are lost Oppo Find 7. Example, Samsung LG G3 not use QHD screen as rumored, should also be assessed Find 7 more LG G3.

However, the sample used Find 7 LCD screen technology, while Samsung uses AMOLED screen technology, so you may prefer the S5 screen than if you appreciate the true color black. Both screens are used Gorilla Glass toughened glass 3 to protect against scratches.
Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 1
Conclusion: Oppo Find 7 more Galaxy S5


   Find 7 and Galaxy S5 has a plastic casing but we still have differences in design. While Samsung has been criticized for not upgrading Galaxy S5  design, but the back had the rubber line style to be people's favorite. It gives a sense of security, sure hand than the previous Galaxy model only slippery plastic , and look better than the back of the Galaxy Note leather 3.

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 2
However, the S5 is made ​​from polycarbonate, disappointing fans who have been waiting for glass material and high grade metal.

Meanwhile, Oppo Find 7 more attractive. Designing new, fresh and looks really nice. The subtle curves round the back of the flat are all appreciated. It also sports a steel frame provides luxurious feel than the Galaxy S5. 

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 3
Both the Galaxy S5 and Find 7 have a removable back side, microSD card slot to expand capacity and both have replaceable batteries. This is the plus point of this smartphone. 

Galaxy S5 features anti dust and water. Although the display of the Find 7 can manipulate with wet hands, but still not better features of galaxy S5 Waterproof. However, in this array design, Find 7 is still better assessment of S5. 


   Galaxy S5 have 16MP main camera with fast AF speeds of 0.3 seconds. It also has the ability to focus on other subjects after the photo was taken, and HDR mode is very convenient to preview the final image. 

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 4
Oppo Find 7 13MP camera, but can snap 10 pictures at a time before combining 4 best images in a 50MP photo quality. Find 7 can also take pictures in RAW format, compelling photography lovers. 

Both phones can shoot 4K video, and filmed in slow motion 120fps at a resolution of 720p. 

With the camera feature on it is difficult to conclude than Galaxy S5 or Find 7 more. 

Strength handles 

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 5

Oppo Find 7 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are using quad core processor 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. Oppo Find 7 3GB RAM, while the Galaxy S5 2GB RAM. At this point can be found Oppo Find 7 more powerful than the Galaxy S5. 

However, the S5 installed Android 4.4 OS while KitKat Oppo Find 7 statement was updated to KitKat. 


   Both phones have a removable battery, Find 7 has a slightly larger battery capacity 3.000maAh, Galaxy S5 is also 2.800mAh. Not only that, Oppo Find claimed battery rechargeable 7 from 0-75% in just 30 minutes, in Advantages of the need to charge the battery case fold.

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 6
  Samsung also major improvements to the battery life of the S5. While there are smaller capacity, S5 mode to save battery will freeze all applications, switch user interface in black and white and just run the messaging app, call basis. 

Samsung believes that with this regime, S5 can afford to be continued for 25 hours when the battery is only 10% of the time. This is indeed impressive. 

And so it is difficult to conclude S5 or Find 7 victory in the battery field, while not actually test and use the product. 

The other features 

    S5 Galaxy more Find 7 in operating system KitKat as mentioned above.  Saving mode of the battery is also impressive. And S5 also has other amazing features. 

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 7
   First, S5 mode accelerates download speeds when combined Wi-Fi and 4G to provide faster download speeds. S5 also comes pre-installed apps Samsung's new S Health, will track everything from calories and user's heart rate by measuring the heart rate sensor on the back side of the S5. 

Speaking of sensors, the Home button of S5 has a fingerprint scanning, to unlock your device and restrict others access to sensitive files and folders. In addition, you can also pay online with PayPal only a simple claws. 

In contrast, there is little Oppo Find 7 more unique features, such features brushed up or down with two fingers to change the size. Pull down the notification bar from the top right panel displays gesture, and in which you can use to draw the gesture to open your own contacts or launch applications. However, these features are not impressed by the other features on the S5. 

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S5 more Oppo Find 7. 

Initial Assessment 

    Indeed, difficulty speaking or the Find 7 more than S5. Find 7 attractive, sexier thanks QHD screen, 50MP image capture capability, fast charging batteries and beautifully designed. There are many things to love Find 7. However Oppo is brand new too. 

Oppo Find 7 And Galaxy S5 Choose Buy smartphone 8
   Meanwhile, S5 plastic design, smaller battery and 2GB RAM. however S5 has everything from heart rate to measure useful fingerprint reader, and all of S5 camera. In particular, the Samsung brand has always been appreciated than new players enter the Oppo. 

These are two new smartphone was announced and is attractive. If you are planning to buy one of these two products, find out information more thoroughly detailed assessment of each product to be the right decision.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 here.

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