Jump Jump & Can Replaced As Flappy Bird

   As a product of the video game industry Vietnam, Jump & Jump is expected to become a phenomenon as the game proud of Nguyen Ha Dong !

   Two months have passed since the father officially  flappy Bird  "death" from the App Store system and Google Play echo repercussion as well as the inheritance of this game is still very strong, especially for those developer of mobile games Vietnam. Products by Nguyen Ha Dong is a clear proof for the success comes from creative element is not too large and the investment of the Jump Jump & MD Studio is also going down that road with the ambition to be a new phenomenon!

   Jump & Jump -style platformer game ( to exit ) familiar with the challenges associated with the player's reflexes. Come to "jump & dance" Your will be role adorable funny bunny is currently incurring evil fox chase. In order to escape the wolves, you will have to pass through the river full of crocodiles single jumps, double jumps with one-touch operation. Overall, the game does not have many new features players can retain for your records outside the pass.

   Other with flappy Bird, Jump & Jump absolutely unnoticeable by the difficulty, whereas the game is quite easy and not inhibited. Although reflective abilities are tested at a high level but you do not have to invest too quickly achieve high scores. If you want to grow and  impressive more may be title game of MD Studio to change and improve the level of difficulty: gradually reaching a high point and need fun music, more attractive.

Download & Jump Jump game for iOS 
Download & Jump Jump game for Android 

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