Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014

   Dell Latitude 3330 Education is produced towards pupils and students with the ability to meet the demand for learning as well as entertainment.
According to the Latitude 3330 Education  promises to offer users an experience in learning environments with Windows 8.1 Pro, touchscreen options and shock-resistant design and long battery life. But Latitude 3330 Education Is rational choice or not? Readers will find the answer in the following review. 

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Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 1   If you look at the appearance of large and heavy Dell Latitude 3330 Education, few expect the laptop to be produced towards pupils and students.

Instead of a sleek, compact as most laptops, Latitude 3330 Education design is slightly rough with mainstream black, gray plastic cover on the Dell logo in the center and familiar, unfortunately surface roughened surface of the lid not prevent stickiness fingerprint of the user. Special on the cover of Latitude 3330 Education  also includes LEDs to indicate the machine is on the Internet, to help teachers know their pupils during class is online or not.

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 2       The highlight of the design is the rubber rim around the camera body and the screen border, the border has three colors including black, red and blue just to redecorate both effective shock resistance when the crashed. The underside of the Latitude 3330 Education outside the slot heatsink, users will see a 6-cell battery designed bars jutting up from the flat surface, which makes the machine more crude, look bigger and heavier than the product the same size.

When you open the lid, inside you will notice the black keyboard island style, the right is the power button along with a row of LEDs along the edge of the energy status notifications, Wi-Fi and battery status.

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 3    Due to the use of the touch screen has been designed to share Dell Latitude 3330 Education hinge can flip open a 180-degree angle, according to Dell, this will help users easily share the screen when working in groups.

Dell notebook also integrates the connector include: The left side is the power connector, Ethernet, HDMI, and USB 3.0 miniDisplayPort. While the right side is an SD card reader, 3.5mm audio jack, USB 3.0 port Monday ...

Although the screen is only 13 inches but Latitude 3330 Education sizes up to 330.2 x243, 83x24, 38 to 35.81 mm and weighing up to 2 kg. Larger and heavier than the same size rivals like Lenovo Yoga 2 13 (330.2 x221, 23x17, 27mm, weight 1.63 kg) and wider than the Toshiba Satellite E45t (340.36 x233, 67x20, 32, weight 2 kg). But still smaller and lighter than the Asus VivoBook V451L (347.97 x241, 29x25, 4 mm, weight 2.17 kg), however VivoBook V451L and Satellite E45t are larger 14-inch screen.

Reliability and Security

   Dell Latitude 3330 Education that is designed to meet military standards (MIL-STD 810G) for reliability, according to which the entire board around the edges of the rubber edging machine is capable of ensuring safe plant when users accidentally dropped from a height of 76.2 cm. In addition, computer keyboard and touchpad are also water resistant.

It also sports a TPM security chip, accompanied by functional data encryption Data Protection Encryption protects data on machine safety. Especially the "Protected Workspace" allows running programs and files on the virtual environment before running directly on the operating system, to help detect and prevent malicious behavior, such as a virus or trojan attacks systems.


Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 4   Towards a lower segment but  Latitude 3330 Education is equipped with a touch screen size of 13.3 inches, unfortunately only resolution 1.366x768 pixels. Although the colors displayed on screen quite sufficient but also pictures of text content on the website to show fairly dim. 
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In addition, the computer screen is also rather limited viewing angle, simply tilt the screen at an angle greater than 45 degrees is the color completely altered. The use of toughened glass Corning Gorilla Glass screen should also cause reflections of light, so when using the sun's glare and difficult to observe. 

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 5    With screen brightness at 171 lux, the Latitude 3330 Education screen is dimmer than Yoga 2 13 (239 lux), but lighter than VivoBook V451L (148 lux) and Satellite E45t (149 lux).

Keyboard and Touchpad

   Island-style keyboard of Latitude 3330 Education with key moderate distances should move distance was short hand for convenient data entry, surface slightly curved keys and good bounce makes data entry fast pace easy. 

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 6    Touchpad of moderate size, smooth surface, multi-touch support with low friction operations like scrolling, zooming and rotating images and smooth and easy to implement. Two separate mouse buttons have a good bounce.


   Integrated dual-core processor Intel Core i3-4005U clocked at 1.2 GHz with 4GB of RAM, the Latitude 3330 Education is good enough to use in everyday tasks like web browsing, access Facebook, watch movies, stream video, working with Office applications ... Speed ​​mode switching between traditional desktop and Start screen (Metro UI) only takes a second, activate the camera app immediately and continuously photographed without shaft any problems. 

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 7    In performance tests with PCMark 7 overall, Latitude 3330 Education also reflected in the midrange when only scored 2.313 points lower than VivoBook V451L (2,782 points), Yoga 2 13 (2,939 points) and Satellite E45t (4,316 points). However, all three models all use more powerful CPU Intel Core i5-4200U clocked at 1.6 GHz, 2 Private Yoga 13 VivoBook V451L and 6GB RAM. 

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 8    Drive HDD 500GB 5400 rpm speed of Latitude 3330 Education boot into Windows 8.1 Pro in 24 seconds, slower than Satellite E45t (21 seconds) and Yoga 2 13 (15 seconds), but faster than VivoBook V451L (33 seconds ). 

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 9   Copy 4.97 GB  packet including media files, the machine needs 2 minutes 29 seconds with pretty good speed at 34 megabytes per second, faster than VivoBook V451L (23 MBps), Satellite E45t (28 MBps) and Yoga 2 13 (30.5 MBps).

Intel HD 4400 graphics chip on Latitude 3330 Education enough to meet the demand for gaming entertainment for students, in order to balance between learning and entertainment, but certainly not fit to perform the heavy duty. 

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 10    On 3DMark Extreme IceStorm, machine scored 21,907 points, lower than the Satellite E45t (23 907 points), Yoga 2 13 (30 690 points) and VivoBook V451L (31 215 points).

Battery Life

   In battery life tests familiar Laptop Battery, battery
6 cell of Latitude 3330 Education can surf the web continuously through Wi-Fi connection for up to 13 hours and 10 minutes, including screen brightness settings at 52%. 

Laptops For Pupils And Student In 2014 11    Time is outstripping rivals VivoBook V451L (6:54), Satellite E45t (8:06) and Yoga 2 13 (5:13) in the same test and monitor all three brightness settings in the machine level of 40%.


   Can confirm, Dell Latitude 3330 Education is capable of handling almost any task in learning and research, as well as the usual leisure majority of pupils and current students this. Unfortunately, bulky size, heavy weight will more limited mobility of the machine, especially the performance of the machine is still lower than the price.

Despite the lack of durability of the Latitude 3330 Education as well as a shorter battery life, but Toshiba Satellite E45t have lower rates and better performance. But the reliability and security features integrated Latitude 3330 Education helps more appropriate when used in schools.

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