List Top 11 Best Game For Android

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 0
     There can not be a standard list of 100%, but 10 games is summarized below are the best rated games for Android.
With diverse criteria, not focus on one type of game, this list is mostly the game or simple style, popular. However, it also introduces both the racing and action games.

1.Flappy Bird 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 01
   This is a game  famous Vietnamese  and world with some load current top over 50 million downloads.
with this game, the author gives a huge amount of 50,000 USD/day. This is a large amount for an independent programmer.

Flappy Bird is game in the top charts in the app store samsung and apple in the past month. author then remove it from the app store despite it giving authors a huge amount of money.
And recent authors flappy Bird has shared some information that will resurrected  flappy Bird in 8/2014 this.

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2. Ridiculous Fishing 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 1                                                         Interface  game  Ridiculous Fishing

Are you a fan of Harry Potter is probably the phrase "Ridiculous" quite familiar right? Exactly, that's true mantra "Neither grotesque" to neutralize the bugaboo in Harry Potter. As a true game called: Ridiculous means absurd, bizarre, join this game you will see real results not fishing like normal at all. It's not like the other fishing games that are slightly pretty "crazy" a bit. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 2                                       Activity drop fishing, trawl fishing and shooting

    The game starts simple: drop the fishing line down to catch fish but your note when you drop down to not having to do any bait fish that is the sole purpose of fishing line down as far as possible. Just pull the cord until the last sentence UP should catch as many fish as possible. And when the sentence was a "mess" of fish up, it's weird, you do not have to put them in baskets or by marking some fish, but fish should be thrown into the air and kill them with a storm of bullets, more and more possible. This is the time to score. It was a weird game, right? But the real attraction here is a game that! 

Dowload here.

3. Space Angry Birds - Or  Angry Birds astronaut 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 3                                                   Interface Angry Birds Space

This list would not be complete without losing popular Angry Birds Space game. It started with the stolen eggs, and the birds chase. But this time, the birds will come to a completely new place in outer space. Hovering between meteors, planets and the stars, surrounded by space pigs. And the birds resumed their first battle with supernatural powers. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 4                                   Context space version of Angry Birds in Space

Overall this is one of the most advanced version compared to the original Angry Birds. In this version, Angry Birds levels increase, new bonus levels, and you will also infuriate in a new way as the birds in the game.
Download here.

4. Temple Run II 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 5                                                              Game interface

Not much different than the previous version Temple Run, Temple Run II in the form of escape game (endless running). However, in this second edition, the manufacturer Imangi Studio has updated many new features, game graphics compared to previous versions is much smoother and more vivid. Temple Run II building to 4 to form characters players can choose. Each character is updated on a different ability for players to be able to "escape" a quick and fun. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 6                 Multi-character, multi-context makes the attraction of Temple Run II
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 The plus point is that with such a high-end game Temple Run II, downloaded completely free. Such games right? 
Download here.

5. Spaceteam - Space Squadron 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 7 
                      The control system in the game

This game allows you to play up a group of 2-4 people, connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Each player is shown a screen with the different control style controller coincidence that this person receives commands from the other.

So, when these complex commands, the same player you would have had to follow the instructions to you, and you also have to reverse it. The final result depends on the cooperation between the players, the spaceship you could fly up or fall down a monumental miserably. A really fun game and fun!

Small wonder is whether there is a fleet of super promiscuous life does not know the ship was not flying over it? 

Download here.

6. Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 8                                                                 Game interface

Graphics may not look as sharp as Asphalt 7: Heat, Crazy Taxi but also gives players the real thrills. In this game, you will be transformed into a cab driver "super", when you have passengers in the right places without permission needed a minute later. With little street racers have the opportunity to show in real life, this is a world they can satisfy every dream. In other racing game, if a collision with another car can cause you to lose points, with Crazy Taxi, sometimes you may get additional points because of the mixed wriggle "spectacular" 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 9                                              A zigzagging screen on Crazy Taxi

Game also scored thanks to 4 types of characters, and allows you to choose many different places around the world. 

Download here.

7. Ruzzle 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 10   
 In the game fast and fun, you'll have quick finger strokes on the screen to connect the disjointed text into a word meaning, corresponding to given words. Ruzzle is a form of puzzle game from, but it is different from other games that allow you to connect words in any direction you want. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 11 
                     You must connect the correct word in the time allowed

       Ruzzle volume from the well is enormous with 10 different languages. Therefore, even though this is a deceptively simple game but very useful due to the eating of it in helping you to create a rich vocabulary.

Download here.

8. Minecraft-Pocket Edition - You played "the Creator" 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 12    

       As one of the game ranked first in Google Androi Play games storage, mobile version of Minecraft allows players to build and explore a world of their own. Ability to customize the Minecraft - Pocket Edition, allowing you to unleash your creativity with these colorful blocks. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 13                                     You can build a city of their own like this

   However, the square block is also one of the weak points of the game, causing players to feel a bit monotonous. In return, if you have a creative mind, you can "boast" of his achievements with the world through sharing feature in this game.

Version of Minecraft - Pocket Edition has been updated this time adding many new features such as: food, explosives, building models, beds, paintings ... 

Download here.

9. Streetfood Tycoon - Another round of food around the world 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 14 
                                        Game interface

   This is one of those kind of games help you practice time management skills. Streetfood Tycoon will turn you into a food seller in the street and to serve at the request of customers quickly and accurately if you want to earn points. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 15 
             Site selection, you will have the corresponding menu of locations that

The first game you will have to choose their service area, in Asia, Europe or the U.S., then the game will offer different menus suitable for every regional characteristics as well as the level of complexity complex respectively.

Once this game is hard to pull it out, it really is one of the game to help pass the time very well. 

Download here.

10. Symphony of Eternity 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 16                                 Symphony of Eternity game interface

If you are a fan of Japanese RPGs in the 80s, this is a great game. The game has pretty good graphics, but the content is truly compelling advantages of this game. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 17                                             System character in game

Bring classic blend slightly more modern elements, gamers will play 3 group joining mage to protect a treasure. This treasure mage group fighting strength. Groups opposed to the evil shaman is poised grab treasures. You will have to deal with the bad guys to keep treasures, bring peace to their land. 

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The game supports up to 3 languages: Japanese, English, Italian and compatible with pretty much the same type of screen, sound is also good and attractive. 
Download here.

11. Modern Combat 4: Forget all time 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 19  
   As one of the game can make you forget that you're playing on a phone. Modern Combat 4 graphics smoother, beautifully, as if you're playing on a PC so. Genre classic shooter, Modern Combat 4 has the advantage in terms of sound and graphics super accurate. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 20 
The reflected sound effects gunshots, like real bombs, takes players immersed in the space of a real war. Graphics also contributed to the thick smoke screen dimming, the regional context of the fight alive. Language dialogue in this game can be a little bit worse, but this does not greatly affect the emotional battle RPG. 

List Top 11 Best Game For Android 21 
The game's beautiful graphics Zero Hour makes you feel like you are playing on PC so

Compared with the old version, Modern Combat 4 also modified a bit to help the player can manipulate and faster reflexes in game situations. Keep an eye on this game for high-end applications such may inspire future for mobile gaming. 

Download here.

Wish you happy.

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