Surface Pro 3 - Ambitions To Replace The Traditional Laptop?

Surface Pro 3 - ambitions to replace the traditional laptop
  Surface Pro 3 is the next generation of Surface Pro tablet line that Microsoft has tried to become a product choice replacement for a laptop.
With 12-inch widescreen high resolution, portable design with aluminum casing thinner and lighter, go with a strong performance. Surface Pro 3 promises to be able to compete with any competitor on the market. But if you want to know what Microsoft has upgraded the Surface Pro 3 or not?


Slimmer, lighter and have a larger screen, Surface Pro 3 is more impressive than the Surface Pro 2. Previously product of Microsoft Surface Pro 2 had been criticized for a tablet thick and heavy but with the 3rd generation of version tablet Surface Pro, the company has improved significantly decreased from 907.18 g on "predecessor" to 798.3 g, thickness also decreased to 9.14 mm compared to 12.7 mm on Surface Pro 2, although the new version has a larger screen size. 

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Microsoft continues to maintain beautiful design and sleek with silver magnesium shell, accompanied by improved base, can fold up to 150 degrees and inclined to put up the writing on the screen.

Surface Pro 3 - ambitions to replace the traditional laptop 1 Surface Pro 3 - ambitions to replace the traditional laptop 2
    In particular, Microsoft has increased the size of the screen Surface Pro 3 to 12 inches with a resolution up to 2,160 x 1,440 pixels, compared with 10.6 inch Full HD resolution of its predecessor. Notably, the ratio of the screen on the Surface Pro 3 is now 3:2 and not 16:9 as it was once.
Surface Pro 3 - ambitions to replace the traditional laptop 3Specifications

   While Surface Pro 2 only use Intel processors, the Core i5-4200U Surface Pro 3 has three optional Core i processor generation 4 (Haswell) from Core i3 to Core i72, 4GB/8GB RAM and hard drives from 64GB to 512GB.

Surface Pro 3 - ambitions to replace the traditional laptop 4    However, dual cameras at the front and back of the Surface Pro 3 has increased 5 megapixel camera with 1080p instead of just 720p as on Surface Pro 2. These machines will run Windows 8.1 Pro version with integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400 similar.

Type Cover a new

Microsoft also improved the keyboard not forget to Surface Cover Type Pro 3 so that it can become a worthy replacement product for laptops. Accordingly Keyboard Cover Type new slimmer than Surface Pro 2, with a larger trackpad than 68% sensitive and gesture support (Gesture) better. Type the new Cover also integrated a bar magnet and the user can fold into itself Surface Pro 3 to increase the stability of the keyboard when using the machine on a table or lap.

Surface Pro 3 - ambitions to replace the traditional laptop 5The special features

   Surface Pro 3 marks the debut of a new pen called Surface Pen, this pen has designed almost like a real pen and looks better than the pen comes with 2 Surface Pro version and all previous course also adds many more features.

Surface Pro 3 - ambitions to replace the traditional laptop 6   Whereby the user can open OneNote app just by pressing the screen of Surface Pro 3, if you double-click will capture any content on the screen and then share with friends via email. In addition to the applications from Microsoft, Surface Pen also good support for the 3rd applications, typically the next version of Photoshop CC. 

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Microsoft also improves the sound quality of the speaker system before and after the big volume products for more than 45% compared to the old version.


   With a sharp display large size and slim design, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ambitions can replace a traditional laptop. Improving the design of the machine is also used to help users more flexibility with optional Core i7 processors make Surface Pro 3 become a formidable competitor for the same type of tablet size.

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