The New Generation Of Smart TV

The New Generation Of Smart TV 
LG Electronics 42LB6300 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

This is the latest product of LG in July 2014: The New Generation Of Smart TV

Compared with most of the platform has been available on the market as Net Cast well as previous generations of  LG Smart TV to experience Web OS provides simple, more convenient for users but still possesses beautiful interface and running smoothly. Besides, it also has more features, more diverse with its own app store comes fast Internet connection speed.

lighter interface, smoother multitasking 

The New Generation Of Smart TV 1 Web interface of the OS is designed with style flat frame display image content dominate. 

    Web OS of Smart TV LG ownership interfaces been designed  way  new style, simple look, remove the 3D graphics and effects that TV users distractions. Installing the first step to setting up language, or a network connection parameters of the TV is done fairly quickly and easily, through guidance from lively bird animation Bean Birds.
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LG's interface is divided into 3 main screen are: current, future and past. Like the smartphone, any time you press the Home key on user control will return to the main screen. In addition to the content displayed image is found, the bottom edge (accounting for 1/3 of the area) is the toolbar includes many cards, including running applications and user applications often use. The arrangement like this helps users easy access to commonly used features on the Smart TV even when you're viewing.

If surfing mice (in intelligent control) or press the right (in normal controls), future interface screen will appear. This screen actually displays all the applications that users have installed the Web OS smart TVs. Maybe the positions, sort the cards quite easy and fast application by operations clicking and dragging.

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If you move in the opposite direction from the main interface screen, Smart TV Web OS will move past the interface, which is actually multitasking screen. Other than the Smart TV is available in the market, the legacy operating system natively on smartphones, Web OS makes multitasking very smooth and true. When switching between applications, the content being viewed will not be interrupted, or stopped, or download again. Thus, the viewer will not feel uncomfortable while using the Smart TV features.

Surf the web faster, more connected

WebOS should use newer LG Smart TV also faster surfing speeds than previous generations. Supported Browsers display identical content on conventional computers, however, it does not support Flash, but HTML5 only. Users can zoom in, zoom out web pages to read content more clearly, saved the site for quick access. At the boot screen, the browser displays the address as a small window for easy operation and quick access not enter full address.

The New Generation Of Smart TV 2                                        OS Web browser run faster.

Besides Wi-Fi and wired Internet, Web OS templates newer Smart TV from LG supports connecting, sharing data with a smartphone, computer or internal network via Smart Share feature, DLNA. Pictures, music or video from a smartphone or tablet ... can move up and coming widescreen only through a few quick passes on the TV, without the need for cables. Even users can also use Miracast, Widi or MHL Tag feature on, 2nd Display TV deals are currently displayed image on the small screen of your smartphone on the big screen TV, handy when playing games or presentations.

In addition to supporting view multimedia content directly through the USB port, Web OS on Smart TV and built-in digital TV receiver DVB-T2 allows you to view digital TV channels for free.

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Besides conventional remote control, Web OS LG TV also supports control Magic Remote with intelligent virtual mouse-controlled motion sensor, integrated voice recognition technology or keys drag to search, surf Quick web. In addition, users can also use a smartphone or tablet as a controller for the new model of LG Smart TV.

New application store, features diverse

One of the most interesting features on the newer model Smart TV is LG's Web OS features Time Machine Recording, very attractive during soccer World Cup. Viewing this channel, users can record content of another channel. Even Time Machine lets TV scheduler to automatically record programs for later viewing when needed, for example a football view at night. Video recording can be stored in the memory available on TV or USB portable hard drive via the  port USB.

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Web OS on LG Smart TV running smoother multitasking, supports many features including Time Machine is worth the money.
With Web OS, LG Smart TV also gives its app store abundant, more diverse with many free applications and paid. All sorted into separate folders by content, features, easy to download even if there is no account of LG (free of charge), as well as upgraded or removed. In addition the application provides news, Korean firms also provide users with online content such as video, music and even 3D, or applications and games on as smartphones.

Web OS Smart TV platform is worth using today as it proved to be user friendly with traditional TV, a simple interface and smoother operation. Just bring many new features, but Web OS LG also not distracting, the major influence is the experience enjoy movies on TV, but also adds to the interesting.

More detailed information and buy now.

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