The Best Smartphone Display

The Best Smartphone Display 
 (  Smartphones Android and Windows Phone  increasingly large and beautiful screen than the iPhone, even if the resolution on the high end has been pushed to the "ultra definition" QuadHD 2K.

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LG G3 

   If every iPhone with Retina display is considered the standard of today's smartphones, Full HD and even 2K QHD new standards in high-end smartphones. G3 high-end Smartphone LG is one of those rare phones on the market today are equipped with a resolution of "ultra definition" 2K with 5.5 inch screen, displaying images very smooth and nice. This model is available with a selling price in amazon times $ 649 for 32 GB, this phone screen QuadHD 2K.

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Oppo Find 7 

The Best Smartphone Display 1 
   This is one of the smart phone screen is rated 2K appeared on the market in 2014. as the G3, Find 7 also owns visibility thanks to impressive 5.5 inch screen with a resolution higher than 1.080p Full HD, 2,560 x 1,440 pixel, pixel density of 538 ppi and higher reaches half Apple's iPhone Retina standards. Find 7 screen 2K monitor is priced at 628 USD, good configuration comes with 801 Snapdragon chip and 3GB RAM.

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Nokia Lumia 930 

The Best Smartphone Display 2 
   The screen is one of the most impressive on the latest Lumia Windows Phone model, besides design and 20.7-megapixel camera. 5 inch size and use 1.080p Full HD resolution, but the sharpness of the Lumia 930 smartphone on par with 2K screen. The biggest advantage is that the use of AMOLED screen with ClearBlack technology that shows great in the sun. In addition, the property also features 930 calibration screen Color Profile, which allows self-adjust display settings according to their own wishes. Nokia Lumia 930 Windows Phone model is good, with attractive price 600 USD

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Sony Xperia Z2 

The Best Smartphone Display 3

Compared with the previous two generations of Z, Z2 possesses Xperia beautiful screen and much better equipped when Sony technologies exclusive photos from the Sony Bravia line of TVs, for example Triluminos or Mobile Bravia Engine processor lifetime the new. It enables smartphone screen to show true color, wide viewing angle and sharp, great for presentations of photos or enjoying the movie. Sony Xperia Z2 is currently selling for nearly 560usd genuine, powerful configuration and camera quality.

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HTC One M8 

The Best Smartphone Display 4 
    M8 is a worthy upgrade from last year's model HTC HTC One, with Full HD screen is widened from 4.7 inches up to 5 inches and comes monolithic aluminum casing designed meticulously perfected over. Inheriting the advantages of the color display quality very honest from the One, the One M8 screen this year also received a higher rating. smartphone HTC M8  currently sells for 620 USD at amazon online supermarket.

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Sharp Aquos SH-04F Zeta 

The Best Smartphone Display 5It has not been genuine distributors that only in the form of laptops, smartphones Sharp was impressed with the design Full HD 5.4 inch screen ultra-thin edge, accounting for more than 80% of the front end. In addition, the Japanese phone company also equipped with high-end smartphone Aquos SH-04F panels IGZO display technology. Combined with Full HD resolution, 5.4-inch screen of the Sharp SH-04F for very good picture quality, vivid colors, high contrast and sharp, but the.

Samsung Galaxy S5 

The Best Smartphone Display 6Compared with the previous generation Galaxy S4, AMOLED screen technology on the Galaxy S5 display quality is much better, especially for the truthfulness of colors. It is not too bright but lively, more natural. 1.080p Full HD resolution combined with the size of 5.1 inches was brought to the density of over 400 ppi pixel, which displays highly detailed images and smooth, sharp. Galaxy S5 is equipped with a water-resistant design, incorporating unique technologies such as fingerprint sensor and heart rate measurements. Samsung Galaxy S5 are sold on amazon online supermarket for $ 590 USD.
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LG G2 

The Best Smartphone Display 7 
   Although launched last year and has alternative versions, LG G2 is still a very attractive option if users need a smartphone screen reasonably priced but quality. In the middle range of 6 to 8 million, LG's smartphone products is hard to beat on the screen. Not only the ultra-thin edge design, 5.2 inch screen Full HD IPS Plus technology TrueHD also shown in high definition, vivid colors and very deep. Configured with 4 people Snapdragon processor 800, 2GB RAM also helps bring many advantages for G2 with prices now only slightly more than 380 USD in the market.

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