Apple IPhone 6 Plus - No Need High Configuration Still Strong

(Technewonline) While Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia ... was involved relatively long phablet market, Apple remains a bystander. Recently, the company launched the iPhone 6 Plus - the size of Apple's largest ever. But "the latter" have made ​​a difference? 

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   In the opinion of experts, the design language of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is identical except for the larger size. However, sometimes bigger does not mean better, not to mention a lot of users still rely on size criteria for choosing a smartphone. 158,1x77,8x7,1mm size, relatively large iPhone 6 Plus those with small hands.

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   Similar to the previous iPhone version, iPhone 6 Plus also has designed monolithic aluminum frame (unibody), brings a touch of luxury, elegance and certainty. However, unlike the iPhone 5s have designed beveled edges, the edges of the iPhone 6 Plus rounded, soft bend, this will help hold the camera more comfortable to use without discomfort, as well as easy to slip into the bag. 

   However, a point deducted in the design of the iPhone 6 Plus that many users "disparaging" sugar white plastic antenna at the top and bottom edges look pretty "pointless" because it lacks the feeling and seamless patchwork And unlike the monolithic design. 

  No mention of the camera back off slightly convex surface, and this is also vulnerable position when the machine accidentally fell to the ground. Due to the large size so Apple has decided to rearrange the buttons for the iPhone 6 Plus more appropriate, in that the power button has moved from the top edge to the right edge, this will help users more accessible. 

    Position the remaining buttons and connection ports such as Lightning port, 3.5 mm headphone jack, speakers, headphones do not change. 

  However, due to the slim design buttons and almost flat with the edges of the machine, so if you use extra protection tiles will be hard to press the buttons. Overall, the design of the iPhone 6 Plus is still impressive, not only for luxury but also ultra-thin design, whether machine-sized "too hard". 


   One other point worth noting is that the iPhone 6 Plus screen size 5.5 inch Retina Display sizable resolution 1.080x1.920 pixel, based on IPS LCD technology and has a pixel density of 401 ppi up to. As such, it is also the largest iPhone screen resolution and pixel density as compared to the previous generation iPhone. 

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    Undeniably computer screen is extremely sharp, the details clear display, capable of reproducing true color, the text content on the website, as well as under the symbol smooth. Also, with up to 574 nits brightness, the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus with good visibility under direct sunlight. Compared with the same size phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus screen brighter. 

  Processor and memory

   Apple has proven that smartphones do not need to own 4-core processor chip, 8 cores with even higher clock crisis and new RAM is powerful smartphone. Because Apple's iPhone 6 Plus only dual-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz Apple A8 based on 64-bit architectures, along with 1GB of RAM and PowerVR GPU GX6650.

   When tested in actual use, the machine operates smoothly, the application is activated immediately, faster multitasking conversion, including the new game on the Appstore also has the ability to "fight" good. Even demanding applications such as graphics-intensive video processing and image editing can also perform well without the latency or lag. 

   Performance of the iPhone 6 Plus also clearly expressed in the article below benchmark against competitors.


   So far the iPhone generation has always been appreciated for imaging capabilities, including inferior opponents of "megapixels". Like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus version is equipped with 8 megapixel iSight camera on the back, which is supported by the lens aperture f / 2.2, two-tone dual flash, 1080p video and slow motion photography with speed of 240 frames per second. In addition, the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus has a feature that the iPhone 6 that's no optical image stabilization helps reduce noise when shooting in low-light conditions as well as keeping a more stable when shooting video.

In the actual experiment, although the camera's shutter speed faster than the iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus but the image is very sharp and detailed, proper exposure and color quite true.

Comparison between iPhone camera photo 6 Plus (above) and Lumia 1520 (below) 






   Video filmed from iPhone 6 Plus also has an impressive quality with sharp detail, vivid colors and special features continuous autofocus for video ensures stable and vibration-blur even when the rotation shake hands.

Watch the video test here.


   One of the things that users will definitely notice a big difference between the iPhone 6 Plus with the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and that is battery life. In the actual experiment with a date using "heavy" as the continuous web surfing, gaming, watching videos, GPS function is enabled, the 2915 mAh battery of the iPhone 6 Plus is capable of lasting 13 hours 16 minutes. It also means that with regular use of the majority of users are completely confident can use more than one day.

However, while Apple smart watches Watch has wireless charging support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is only supported via cable charger Lightning.


   Undeniably Plus Apple iPhone 6 is as close to perfect levels of design, performance, operating system for the camera. However, large size and high price tag is the biggest obstacle of the phablet this.

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