Market Overview Mobile Apps, Why You Should Join Right Now ?

Market Overview Mobile Apps 
(Technewonline) As the first market research on mobile applications (Mobile Apps), we were really shocked with the actual development of this market and I can confirm that this is a potential market.
Mobile phones, smartphones are an inevitable trend, but they are holding the information they need to better understand the market potential and classify them:


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Mobile Apps key markets 

How to have the power of money in the Mobile Apps Market 
The money you earn in the market Mobile Apps
The reason why a business should choose general market Mobile Apps

How profitable at the Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps market place sales of $ 53 billion in 2012 and projected in 2016 that number rose to 143 billion dollars. It may vary slightly according to the forecast, but the mobile phone market truly vast. Revenue is generated through the purchase apps, advertising applications and greater data accumulation. The most promising part is the social networking tools, advertising ... The market is the most developed in Latin America. 

Market Overview Mobile Apps 1

    The estimated number of mobile application development is 2.3 million. In the WorldWide Developer Conference adds 1.25 million applications in the App Store for 50 billion downloads and remuneration paid to the development in 2013 of 5 billion dollars. The average revenue for each mobile application development is evident below. 

Market Overview Mobile Apps 2   Expected to increase downloads 200 billion in 2017 and estimated revenue 63.5 billion USD. Transaction value of mobile payments across the globe are expected to increase from 235 billion dollars in 2013 to 721.3 billion in 2017 this growth is the increasing use of mobile applications for the sale and purchase goods via tablet computers, smart phones and other mobile devices.

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Market Overview Mobile Apps 3 Market Overview Mobile Apps 4
  The growth of mobile apps is almost inevitable. The mobile applications become major distribution channel is not stopped media marketing tools. We can see on the scope, rate, frequency of applications. At present time using mobile applications accounted for 82% of the time during the day to access media. 

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   Most applications available as B2C, B2B applications began to penetrate the mobile market. Development potential is huge development. Although forecasts and statistics from each research firm differences, but you can conclude that the mobile application market is quite big. 

Market Overview Mobile Apps 5 
 Who is using the mobile application?

   In the United States, 67% of people use smartphones to access the Internet every day, and most will not leave home without their phone. According PewResearch, about half of the mobile users have installed mobile applications, two-thirds use conventional phone application. Most mobile app users aged 25 to 30 years old. The use of mobile applications is generally young. 

Market Overview Mobile Apps 6 Market Overview Mobile Apps 7
 Market Overview Mobile Apps 8
Selection of mobile application development ?

   Once you decide to build a mobile app you should know who will assist you. Types of developing mobile applications fall into six categories: advisory, management, mobile professionals, the product developers, digital agencies, telecommunication companies and integrated integrated system. - (Source according to Forrester Research).

   Mobile phone market grew 32.4 billion in 2018 Products of the company have produced many designs and different functions. The kind of services they provide based on 3 categories: mobile services, mobile applications, device management and application development services. 

    Mobile Services including demographic research, mobile strategy, user experience design, analysis, business process services and system upgrades.
Applications and mobile device management comes at a cost for each device.
Mobile application service which giom development and maintenance of native applications, integration of mobile devices with web sites, the versions tailored for mobile. APIs used to connect back-end systems. 

Market Overview Mobile Apps 9                        Source:  Forbes, Mobile Engagement

A few numbers for iOS and Android App. 

Market Overview Mobile Apps 10
    We can see for yourself with the market information in the market, each business must adjust the budget accordingly jumped into this market is very large, please choose the right segment. You create mobile applications to meet the market demand, general exercise as well, the contents of your brand famous on the market without losing a penny in the media.

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