Top 8 Most Expensive Computer In The World

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world

The world has many high-end PCs are different, but we are skeptical about any high-end computer to solve this problem,
Technewonline following will list the computer configuration highest in the world.


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1. Decadent Display - Price: $ 800,000 

Zenview line of LCD monitors with chain Athens, Siemens and Radius 320 Seamless Display, Decadent Display is the world's most expensive computer cost $ 800,000. Decadent Display opens up a new era for the giant screen. Not only that, this computer system also has multi-screen display can be customized or extended. 15 Decadent Display Computer screen (can be expanded to 30) are arranged in three rows.

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2. Tulip E-Go - Price: $ 355,000 

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world 1 
Tulip Ego notebook advent changing technology trends. Tulip Ego widescreen WXGA 12.1 ", the CD / DVD front and burner parts. Notebook Tulip E-Go Diamond plate made ​​of palladium white gold (80 carats) and diamonds, making it one of the most expensive line computer world. Leather version of the Tulip E-Go was developed in January 10/2005.

3. Truvia EPC - Price: $ 55,000 

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world 2 
Truvia EPC, nicknamed computer Amish, the high-end models with shell carved crafts. Custom designed, luxury TRUVIA PCs typically cost $ 55,000.

4. Apple G5 - Price: $ 25,000 

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world 3 
G5 includes Apple Computer RAM 16GB SD $ 10,000, NVIDIA Quadro FX4500 graphics card and hard drive cost $ 2,000 $ 1,000 a terabyte. Computer case made ​​of aluminum outer frame and CPU produced by Apple.

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5. Voodoo OMEN - Price: $ 24,000 

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world 4 
Voodoo is the computer icon. The most expensive 2 terabyte capacity, 4GB RAM and AMD FX-60 Dual Core. Currently there are many different strains Voodoo for your choice. On the Voodoo OMEN has a chrome mirror for dividing work between the CPU and the disk center.

6. Mach V - Price: $ 17,000 

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world 5Mach V is a line of desktop gaming aluminum frame design with super nice. Computers Mach V has the fastest processing speed on all the tests.

7. Alienware - Price: $ 15,000 

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world 6 
Alienware is the computer gaming world most popular and expensive price proportional to its superior quality. Alienware computer with 4 graphics cards running SLI nVIDIA. In addition, the machine also has vivid HD screen (720) 11.6 "with HDMI splitter. Processor Intel i5 and i7 Alienware makes your computer run smoother and longer battery life. The standout feature of this machine line is a combination of processor and graphics card.

8. Dell + Alienware - Price: $ 10,000 

Top 8 Most Expensive Computer in the world 7 
The good news for gamers, Dell has launched the PC version for $ 10,000 shortly after it acquired Alienware. Dell + Alienware is the first personal computer with 4 graphics cards running NVIDIA SLI. This computer is equipped with Full HD 3D screen.

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