Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014

Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014

(Technewonline) If you have the budget, choose a Ultrabook is one thing you should do at this point. Here are the best Ultrabook in 2014.

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With the advantages of lightweight, high performance, long battery life, Ultrabook is a perfect choice for those who often have to move the job. Therefore, if you have enough budget, you should consider choosing a Ultrabook to serve your needs. In today's market, there are many models Ultrabook, so what good is a new product at the same time meet the criteria of the consumer? The names below will partially answer that question.

DELL XPS 13 (2014)

   Not only is the best Ultrabook lineup of Dell XPS 13 (2014) was the most prized Ultrabook in Ultrabook models appearing on the market today.

Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014 1                                 Dell XPS 13 (2014). Photo: Notebookreview

In addition to upgrading the configuration using the latest Haswell processor, Dell also equip their products a Full HD touch screen with up to 356 nits of brightness, far greater than the common 251 nits of the line Ultrabook today. Besides, the battery life is also extended reach 11 hours 26 minutes. Currently, the XPS 13 (2014) was sold for $ 1150 USD.

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   Yoga 3 Pro was named the thinnest laptop with a thickness of only 12.8 mm thin at more than a pencil when opening the screen. The machine weighs only 1.19kg, 14% lighter than its predecessor life, even lighter than a bottle of water. Yes this is a format designed by albert 6 new hinges, including 813 pieces of aluminum and iron mounted craft an exquisite and luxurious.

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Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014 2                                     Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Photo: Gizmodo

YOGA 3 Pro uses technology durable glass Gorilla Glass screen with QHD + 3200x1800, which display perfect in every action. Besides, the machine is equipped with Intel Core processors and the latest M 256 GB SSD hard drive for an impressive performance.

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 ACER ASPIRE S7 (2014)

   Again Acer Aspire S7 presence in Billboard Best Ultrabook today. No change in design, still using structural aluminum chassis and magnesium for very light weight, but, Acer has upgraded its product as well as the configuration screen.

Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014 3                                                  Acer Aspire S7. Photo: Arstechnical

Besides the screen is raised standards Quad HD, Aspire S7 are also empowered by the new generation processor, Intel 128 GB SSD drive. But the cost of the new S7 expensive than the older version, then this is still a reasonably priced Ultrabook in this chart.

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Samsung Ativ BOOK 9 (2014)

   ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition are additional touch screen and large screen size, so it is heavy and coarse than the first generation (2014 Edition ATIV Book 9 weighs 4 pounds, 0.63 inches thick while the first generation weighs 3.5 pounds, 0.58 inch thick). With Intel Haswell processors, while using the theory of machines in about 14 hours continuously. The product has two versions of the configuration, including configuration Intel Core i5, 128 GB SSD and Intel Core i7 configuration, drive 256 GB SDD.

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Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014 4                      Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition. Photo: Ultrabooknews

Next, Samsung has also upgraded the screen brightness of up to version 2014 300 nits, 250 nits brightness marginally better on the older models.

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   Although Lenovo has launched the device replaced by newer configurations, but, in practice Yoga Ultrabook form 2 Pro is still a lot of consumers preferred. This device is also impressed by the screen is quite sharp, 4th generation Intel VXL strong, lightweight backlit keyboard with high quality sound. The only minus point is the machine's battery life is quite low, at just over 6 hours.

Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014 5                                   Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Photo: Cnet

Machine parameters include: 13.3 inch IPS screen resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels, Intel Core i5-4200U VXL 1.6GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4400 for performance meet the needs of consumers.

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   HP Spectre 13 X2 is a two in one device was impressed with a lot of IT professionals around the world. At $ 725, yet rarely overcome the Ultrabook HP products.

Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014 6                                HP Spectre 13 X2. Photo: PCworld

HP Spectre 13 X2 is set entirely in aluminum and a detachable keyboard and screen. Most people use this form of the Ultrabook laptop keyboard because of the really good and handy. Configuration, Spectre 13 X2 is equipped with Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD for performance and great entertainment.

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   Have you ever thought of a laptop with a normal working time of up to 20.5 hours? ThinkPad X240 is the answer for you. 6-cell battery version of the Ultrabook to use very long time and is the choice of many entrepreneurs in the world.

Top Best Ultrabook Of 2014 7                                          Lenovo ThinkPad X240. Photo: Youtube

Lenovo ThinkPad X240 design is quite slim, durable 12.5-inch screen and a wide viewing angle (which is also common features of the ThinkPad X-series). Not only that, the machine can also configure a par with the current ultrabook with Core i5-4200U VXL 1.6GHz Intel, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, HD Graphics 4400 graphics, support port USB 3.0 connector, SIM slot, USB 2.0, DisplayPort, VGA.

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