Apple Will Produce Version iPhone Mini

Apple Will Produce Version iPhone Mini

(Technewonline) This year, Apple will release the iPhone 6 mini 4 inch, configure powerful and cost-effective production.

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Recently, several reports confirmed Apple will announce a new iPhone 4 inches in early 2015. The analyst Timothy Arcuri - specialized research products from Apple Cowen & Company - also confirmed the information that the rumor became more credible.

IPhone 6 will be equipped with a mini glass 2.5D, Apple A7 processor, fingerprint recognition sensor ID. In addition, the mini iPhone 6 will have very similar design to the iPhone 5S but using rounded edges, slightly curved screen like the iPhone 6, but cheaper than the original version a lot.

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A new model of the iPhone called "iPhone Mini" is expected to appear in 2015.

The iPhone will have 3 types of screen is 4 inches small, medium and large 4.7 inch to 5.5 inch. Apple will launch the mini iPhone6 4inch touch screen objects primarily intended to female clients, convenient to use with one hand.

According to some sources, the iPhone 6 mini is designed with powerful configuration but using cheaper materials to save production cost selling price could be cheaper.

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Features common fingerprint sensor on the iphone is maintained. In addition, NFC chip will be built on the iPhone 6 mini, help users in the US can pay by Apple Pay easier. This will probably be the highlight of this product, compared with the current iPhone 5S.

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