Google ambition to become the mobile network

Google ambition to become the mobile network

(Technewonline) Google will become the network and start providing voice and data package earlier this year.

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According to the newspaper The Information, Google is about to launch a mobile package for customers.

Last year, the newspaper said the leader of Google is thinking of launching a mobile service provider in the region have cable Internet service, and Google TV. So far, Google said it was agreed with the Sprint and T-Mobile.

Become a virtual network operators (MVNO), Google can buy wholesale access from Sprint and T-Mobile and then sell mobile packages for its customers.

While the details of this relatively small and Google has no comments yet, according to some information, the network MNVO Google will launch this year.

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This move will be a start of the core business of Google and signaling greater concentration of mobile companies.

This is not the first time Google shows great attention to the network: in 2012, the company has announced it will bring faster Internet speed as light (the fact that more than 100 times faster than normal ) first to Kansas City with Google Fiber. Google then expand to Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah, and will soon participate in the new market.

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