Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014

    (Technewonline) List summarized below may help readers assess the development trend of mobile phones in an extremely active in 2014, and which refer to choose a product favorite the end of the year.

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1. Premium Smartphone with best battery life

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 1

   In early 2014, Phonearena held a poll to find out what the users need in a smartphone. The result is no surprise many is the battery life. Of course, there are certain concerns when manufacturers were moving to use screen Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560) while the battery is still not improved much. It makes use of smartphones dream 2 days with one charging increasingly distant. However, when looking at the list of smartphone battery life below the current best users can find what they need - 2 of 8 This smartphone uses QHD screen.

2. Smartphone best shooting

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 2

  Smartphone is the culprit causing cameras Point-and-shoot closer to extinction by the convenience. Users bring more smartphones to store all the more important moments and can be instantly shared on social networks. Therefore, even though the sensor integrated in smarpthone is quite small but still enough to beat many small cameras.

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3. The best of the best

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 3

   There are tens of smartphone appeared in 2014, but only a few worthy shortlisted in the impressive smartphone. Maybe in terms of individual parts, the list below is somewhat true but if you talk about overall including screens, features, interface, this camera is absolutely worthy candidates.

4. Top smartphone little most successful 

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 4

   Not always great product, below is a list of the smartphone has not achieved the desired success. The biggest disappointment of the Jolla, devices running OS Sailfish less common hardware "weak" and the product simply does not offer all the features necessary for smartphone users so this is not have been successful.

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5. The best smartphone manufacturer China

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 5

   In 2014 saw strong expansion of Chinese manufacturers in the smartphone market. Many model possesses a super slim design, configure the software crisis, but the price makes the competition that much big in the mobile world to be adjusted to adapt. In fact the number and cost of capital is the way in which the Chinese manufacturer has applied since it was not until 2014 when the quality of being completed, the two factors helped them catch up even beyond during the war in the smartphone market.

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6. Smartphone has the largest screen

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 6

   In a survey that Phonearena organizations, the majority of users looking for a smarpthone not exceed 5.5 inch screen. Only 1/20 of the respondents said that interest in the device more than 6 inches. Despite this undeniable screen to still have a certain appeal, as evidenced by the iPhone craze 6 Plus after Apple decided to break the old frame size.

And if the big screen smartphone is still your attention the following list is the suggestion

7. Smartphone specialized needs "take a selfie"

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 7

   The report said demand take a selfie photograph of 2014 was 17,000% increase compared to 2013. It was developed to dizziness while ago, this was a term that was new in 2012 and 2013. 1 / 3 of the respondents in a survey to find another camera is an important advance of smartphone they want to buy. This has created a small race in the smartphone market in 2014 and into next year.

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8. Thinnest Smartphone

 Rankings Smartphone Follow Each Criterion In 2014 8

   If you think that is too thin, the iPhone 6 will be surprised by this model are not in the top 10 mobile phones slim below that the majority of the Chinese manufacturers. Currently Vivo X5 Max holds the number one position with a thickness of only 4.75 mm.

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