Should Choose Mid-range Phones In 2015 ?

Should Choose Mid-range Phones In 2015

(Technewonline) Beginning of the year early 2015 main is appropriate time to "self reward" for yourself gift class technology. Smartphone is always the first choice because not only is communication devices, it are effective entertainment tool or even a jewelry indispensable for many people.

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In fact, users are "dizzy" between "forest smartphone" full model, type, configuration ... but to be able to choose a product like that satisfies the above requirements with reasonable price not many names do this. Samsung Galaxy Series A3 and A5 A consists of two names among the few that meet the expectations of the users.

Design class, elegance

Samsung has been brought onto the metal frame Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Alpha and immediately caused a good effect. By the Samsung Galaxy A, which was officially set foot in the smartphone market metal monolith.

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If someone exposed, certainly have a good impression in appearance Samsung Galaxy A. As the monolithic "first hand", Samsung focus finishing his phone with beveled edges polished diamond, ports headphone jack, the keys are processed meticulously rounded edges and compact but powerful ensure masculine, simple layout but beautiful ... Above all, the machine is only 6.7 mm thin, thereby become the thinnest smartphone from Samsung.

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Should Choose Mid-range Phones In 2015 1
              Samsung Galaxy A features beveled edges polished diamonds

Samsung Galaxy A also satisfies grip using an edge beveled edges are gentle hug. Unlike the often monolithic smartphone to "expose" their metal parts, Samsung's smartphone has been created certain roughness but still quiet, allowing birds to make more hands, avoid slippery. The buttons are placed in the right location is quite convenient to manipulate. With Galaxy A, Samsung has full convergence essence of design to create the elegance, class of high-end products despite being towards the midrange segment.

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Vivid Super AMOLED screen

Samsung Galaxy A screen presence of Super AMOLED technology, which was inherited by the outstanding features such as the ability to display smooth, realistic colors, wide viewing angle, high definition ... - the essentials for entertainment capabilities such as watching movies, browse photos, play games graphics peak. Under strong light, the Samsung Galaxy A good show as well, users will no longer have to place the shade or cover up when receiving calls and text messages while on the road. They just pull over to ensure traffic safety and use the phone.

Support photography, powerful selfie

Samsung Galaxy A5 is equipped with Sony Exmor sensor IMX135 13 megapixel, so the ability to take pictures of not inferior to the product level. Machines for highly detailed images, true color when shooting bright daylight and getting good, light interference at an acceptable level when shooting dem.Samsung original Galaxy A also face many image editing software, imaging features intelligent ... so you can output the image most pleasant and very creative.

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Should Choose Mid-range Phones In 2015 2
Samsung Galaxy 13Mpx A5 is equipped with camera and photo editing software interesting

No outside trends "take a selfie" (selfie), Samsung Galaxy A is equipped with 5 megapixel camera comes before the software support, such as editing portraits, big eyes, chin tucked, smooth skin ... Particularly Samsung Galaxy A5 can "take a selfie" by 2 mode is quite normal and wide angle or that other phones do not have.

More features good

On the Samsung Galaxy A, easily realize the high-end features such as manipulation gesture control, multitasking multiple windows, custom themes, font ... In particular, the case protects Quick View display some content through the small window which is only for Galaxy line of premium is also present on the Samsung Galaxy A5. With the presence of 2 SIM 2 possibilities waves online, Samsung Galaxy A guide to anyone who wants a compact, not carry multiple phones while ensuring the contact with the object and purpose.

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Samsung Galaxy A configuration has been identified as well, can "fight" the pinnacle game requires powerful graphics for a long time without getting warm or can use the very popular application smooth, smooth without any obstacles encountered. For "fun" does not terminate prematurely "inhibited" for many people, on a Samsung Galaxy A is also present for the duration of the battery using the range 1 day normal use.

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