5 things to consider for buying the perfect standing desk

No matter whether you are working at home because of the ongoing pandemic, or need to go to office, you have to consider buying an electric standing desk. Stand-up desks are becoming a common choice among professionals, who want to feel more at ease at work. The purpose of a standing desk is to allow the person to sit and stand as desired, and there are all sorts of options. The advanced ones have a motorized desk, so you can actually switch between positions at the push of a button. Electric variants are obviously better than the manual ones, and a PrimeCables electric standing desk could cost around $200 or more. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to pick a perfect standing desk. 

  1. Height range. Do check if the height range of the standing desk is as expected, especially if this is for an office. If more people are going to use the desk, you need to know that the height of the product can be adjusted to suit their needs. 
  2. Adjustment speed. For electric standing desks, you have to consider the height adjustment speed. Eventually, you don’t want to spend a lot of time switching between sitting and standing positions, and speed has a lot to do with that. 
  3. Noise. This is one factor that’s often ignored. Check if the standing desk is going to make a lot of noise, which is not something you would want, especially when working at an office with other people around. 
  4. Weight limitations. Whether the standing desk includes a tabletop or not, the weight limitations have to be considered. This is even more pertinent when you want to place a lot of things on the table, or need to use multiple monitors. 
  5. Warranty. Some brands do have some form of warranty on electric standing desks, and we recommend that you check all the relevant options before selecting one. Keep in mind that spending a tad more on the right product is always wise. 

Other aspects that matter are price and installation. The cost of standing desks may vary, depending on the features, and electric models with reminders and touch features may cost more. Do check if the product can be installed on your own, or is assembled in advance. The right standing desk can transform the way you work, changing the whole experience of manning the desk for hours. 


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