Email automation: the top 3 rules for super useful and quality marketing with a newsletter

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    Email newsletter automation doesn’t mean that the algorithm is 100% up to the task. For the algorithm to be used with maximum productivity, the initial development and further adjustment of mailing list parameters and its formation will be required. And above all, you should not forget about the individuality of the texts, their personalization and correctness, even while using an effective email automation, which the Reply service offers. And here’s why.

    Individuality – the most important thing

    One important trend in email marketing is that over-generalized, mass-marketing messages play more of a disadvantage than a plus, for increasing contact and retaining existing customers. Marketers use automation software to save time and simplify their work. Sometimes even the best marketers with specialized training and positive experience can miss important points during a new product launch, its branding. Such a calculation to reach everyone, leads to “old” customers may feel abandoned. They know the product and its properties, but they get it out of the blue:

    • detailed user instructions;
    • educational or informational materials, in which there is nothing new for regular customers;
    • all bonuses or other options are aimed only at new customers and nothing about those who have always been with the brand for more than a year.

    This should not be allowed! This can seriously reduce the number of subscribers who are constantly interested in the company’s products. They’re likely to simply stop reading, and maybe even unsubscribe from messages altogether.

    Personalization is one of the most important trends that determines whether newsletter recipients will interact with company emails. And that means buying a product, ordering a service.

    Don’t write about whatever you want, but only about what customers care about

    Another sound advice for company marketers, based on research, is to maximize the relevance of messages. Automation can cause marketers to lose sight of their customers’ interests and focus on what matters personally to them. Such professional deformation is an inevitable process. A basic sociology with surveys or studies based on user behavior can help adjust. It is important not to use automated marketing with an excessive focus on “sales funnels” or business news. On the contrary – you should focus on what consumers find relevant and interesting. In this way, you can engage customers in a dialogue and create a prerequisite for order purchases by orienting both production and sales toward the basic interests of customers.


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