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ESMOND Trusted and Reliable Computer, Laptop and Phone Services - Tech New Online

ESMOND Trusted and Reliable Computer, Laptop and Phone Services

ESMOND is a repair shop in Singapore that several people have been trusting their gadgets for a long time now. They have services beyond what you could ever expect and exert prominence in their field of expertise.

Positive Work Ethic

When having your gadgets repaired, you want the people to listen to you and give you their attention. The employees of ESMOND have been building rapport with their clients. The clients know that their gadgets are in great hands. The employees have the right approach, behavior, and attitude rendered to their customers. Hence, they already created a connection with them, and thus they acquired more customers to get their service. They also know how to handle situations like knowing which worker can do their job best in a specific area. By that, you are safe to say that they include almost all the repair services.

Fast-paced Services

You can have the fastest service at ESMOND. In as fast as 60 minutes, you can already claim your gadget, taking into account the number of people waiting for their turn. You can have repairs for your MacBooks, screen protection, and other services. ESMOND has the most accurate apple macbook repair singapore based shop. People always consider going to their shop because it is efficient, convenient and practical. You can even leave your gadgets and claim them after running your errand.

Professional Workers

ESMOND Service Centre has been operating in their field for more than ten years now. They have a professional and expert team of staff that people can rely on having their service. Esmond Liu, the founder of the shop, personally trains and provides workshops for their employees. With this, they can equip them with robust ICT Support Teams. By that, they can provide various services, which are as follows:

  • Screen Crack Replacement
  • Damage repair due to liquid
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Disrupted Power-on button
  • Unable to Charge
  • Battery Replacement
  • Battery Bloated
  • Battery Drain Very Fast
  • And so much more.

ESMOND can cater all these things for their customer. You can visit their shop and let them take a look at your gadget. You can have the best and most accurate repair at ESMOND, and you will not have to come back for a long time. The shop workers also ensure to satisfy your needs within a short amount of time. Hence, they can do all these repairs within more or less than an hour, depending on the queue.

Beneficial Offer

ESMOND also offers other services, such as assuring their customers of their service. The length of service depends on the assurance that their customers can avail themselves. ESMOND can provide up to five years of warranty for their customers. So, you can tell they take full responsibility for their work for your satisfaction.

Get your apple MacBook, other laptops, mobile devices, and other gadgets, and let ESMOND take care of them for you. You do not have to buy new gadgets anymore. With only a few bucks to spend, you can have your devices back good as new, only at ESMOND Service Centre.


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