How to Convert SVG to AI online for free?

SVG to AI online converter

MiConv file converter is an excellent online tool that converts images, spreadsheets, documents, presentations, video, audio, eBooks, fonts, archives, mesh, GIS, CAD. It can easily convert your files into your desired program. Nowadays, it has become a common thing to convert our documents into PDFs, and many more and file converters such as are much useful in this regard.

Steps to convert SVG to AL online

  1. Firstly, click on the “Choose Files” button. After clicking, you have to select the SVG files which you want to convert into AI.
  2. The second step is to select the AI as the target format, which you have to convert into. After this, click on “Convert”, and it starts getting converted from SVG to AI. Within few seconds, your file will be converted now.
  3. After the file is converted successfully to AI now you can easily download the converted file to your computer.

Advantages of MICONV SVG to AI Converter :

– No other software to download: You don’t have to install or download any software for the conversion process from SVG to AI. Now all the conversions can take place in the cloud easily.

– Security of your files: Your files are safe with us. You only have access to your files, and all your files are deleted permanently from our server within one hour. Confidentiality is our guarantee and our prime motive for our users.

–  Free of cost: For the process of converting the SVG files into AI is free with us. In just two clicks, you can easily convert and pay Absolutely nothing for it. MiConv is free for all our users.


SVG refers to Scalable Vector Graphics. It’s an XML based vector image format. It has two-dimensional graphics, Which helps in animation and interactivity. XML text file consists of SVG images and their behaviours. With this, they Can be easily indexed, searched, compressed and scripted.

AI –

AI refers to Adobe Illustrator Artwork. It is a proprietary file format That is developed by adobe systems. It represents single-page vector-based drawings. The drawings can be in EPS format or in PDF format. This file format was originally an informant called PGF, and the AI Filename extension is usually used by Adobe Illustrator.

The above mentioned is the simplest way to convert SVG to AI. Every user can do this with the help of MiConv.