Important KVM VPS Hosting Facts You Must Know

A Kernel-based Virtual Machine or KVM is one of the most popular virtualization solutions used by VPS providers. In the website hosting landscape, virtual private servers have evolved into a preferred name since they offer a hosting environment similar to a dedicated server at a marginal cost. VPS Hosting companies use server virtualization software called a hypervisor to create multiple virtual servers on a single physical web server. There are different types of virtualization solutions available like KVM, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, etc. Today, we will be focusing on KVM VPS Server Hosting and share some important facts that you should know about it.

When you buy VPS Hosting, your website is stored on a virtual server with dedicated resources, account isolation, and full root access. You can choose between Windows and Linux VPS Server Hosting, HDD and SSD VPS Server Hosting, and Unmanaged and Managed VPS Hosting based on your requirements. In KVM VPS Hosting, the host uses KVM that comes pre-installed with Linux to create virtual servers. Here are some essential facts about a KVM VPS Server Hosting plan.

Better security from DDoS attacks.

In recent years, Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks have troubled websites all around the world. These attacks are camouflaged as site traffic making them difficult to detect and counter. Hence, they need to be thwarted at a much deeper level. When you opt for KVM VPS Hosting, you get inbuilt protection from such attacks.

One of the best virtualization solutions

Many technical experts compare KVM and OpenVZ as formidable virtualization rivals. While OpenVZ offers OS-level virtualization and creates containers for web hosting, KVM uses the Linux kernel for virtualization and creates virtual machines. Hence, KVM VPS offers more control over the physical web server and the hosting environment.

Better compatibility

When you use a KVM VPS, you can run a 32-bit OS on your virtual server even if the physical server is running a 64-bit OS. Hence, if you are using applications and tools that need a 32-bit OS, then with a KVM VPS, you don’t have to worry about making radical changes or incurring additional costs.

Better account isolation

One of the most crucial features of a VPS hosting service is that all virtual servers are isolated from each other. This allows the host to offer a dedicated server-like hosting environment. When you choose KVM VPS Web Hosting, you get better account isolation because it separates the virtual machines from the host machine efficiently.

Summing Up…

As you can see, KVM offers a range of benefits to virtual servers. If you are planning to opt for a Linux VPS Server, then make sure that you talk to your hosting provider and ask about the virtualization tools used for creating virtual servers. This will help you understand the features and limitations of the virtual servers offered by the host. Also, make sure that you understand the hosting needs of your site and choose a provider and plan that offers the best VPS solution for your needs. Good Luck! 


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