How Organizations can Benefit from IT Penetration Testing

A lot of organizations think they are protected against malicious cyberthreats without any evidence to back up their claims. But, they are probably not sure about the efficacy and safety of their security network. This is the reason penetration testing is a useful tool to uncover and patch hidden weak points in the system before they can be exploited by cybercriminals. Check out cyber security course in hyderabad to know more.

What is IT Penetration Testing?

This type of testing works by methodically hacking into a system to expose vulnerabilities. The testing is performed by individuals known as “white hat” hackers. It is performed by using external and internal attacks on the servers, wireless networks, web applications, intranets, mobile devices, network devices, and other entry points. Once the system is hacked, the white hackers will generate reports of their findings and recommend the next steps to secure the system.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

IT penetration testing can help address online security concerns by identifying holes in security systems, issues with a company’s IT policy, as well as antivirus and firewall vulnerabilities. The following are the major benefits of this method:

  • Discloses system vulnerabilities. Penetration testing can reveal weaknesses in a target environment. After the test, companies can get a report that has all the problematic points in their system and suggestions for software and hardware improvements necessary to upgrade security. Testing results will vary depending on the hackers’ skills, the duration of the test, system changes during the test, as well as active or inactive firewalls and web applications during the tests. Thus, companies must look for seasoned experts that offer penetration testing services.
  • Disclose the methods used by hackers. Penetration testing simulates a real attack on the system by behaving like a real hacker. After they determine vulnerabilities, the fake hackers will exploit them in ways a real hacker would. With this, company leaders can understand which parts of their system they must improve.
  • Test an organization’s ability to respond to a real cyberthreat. Once a hacker’s method is known, companies can prepare tools and techniques to shut down and kick them out of their system when they get in. White hat hackers can deploy defense and treat it like a real threat. By stopping threats early on, they won’t be able to cause further attacks and damage to the network. With penetration testing, companies have quantifiable proof of how a hacker could infiltrate their organization. Visit cyber security course in bangalore to apply now.


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