How to make texts disappear with privnote?

Digital age has increased the importance of privacy and security. Many of us share so much personal information online without giving it a second thought. While this connectivity brings many benefits, it also comes with risks like hacking, data collection, and digital snooping. If you want to communicate sensitive information privately, PrivNote helps.

  • Privacy – Messages are end-to-end encrypted and securely deleted after reading. No servers are storing your data.
  • Anonymity – No names, emails, or accounts needed. Just generate a link and share it anywhere.
  • Flexibility – Send text, files, images, or mixes. The link works on any device.
  • Simplicity – User-friendly web app. No installs or sign-ups ups required.
  • Security – PrivNote messages cannot be retrieved after reading. One view only.
  • Free – Free with no logins, accounts, or limits. Open source too.

So in short, PrivNote allows you to share private info online without leaving a permanent record. Once read, the info vanishes into thin air. The underlying process PrivNote uses is clever yet simple:

  • You visit the PrivNote website and type or paste your secret message. You include text, images, files, etc.
  • PrivNote encrypts your message locally using AES-256 and the one-time key is derived from cryptographic randomness.
  • Your encrypted message is stored on PrivNote’s server connected to the random URL.
  • Copy the URL and share it privately with your intended recipient. Don’t post publicly.
  • When they visit the URL, JavaScript decrypts the message into plain readable text.
  • After they view it, the decrypted message is immediately deleted from the server forever.

So in a nutshell, the privatemessage is encrypted on your device, stored temporarily under a random URL, decrypted on the recipient’s device, and then destroyed on read. No copies or traces are left behind.

Privnote pros and cons

Like any online service, there are some pros and cons to be aware of with PrivNote:


  • No accounts are needed, just generate a link anonymously
  • Messages automatically self-destruct after reading
  • End-to-end encryption for secure transfer
  • Free to use with no limits or ads
  • Open source code that’s community-reviewed
  • Works on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices


  • PrivNote service could potentially be shut down
  • You must trust encryption is working as claimed
  • Only real anonymity if you don’t reveal your identity
  • Requires the recipient to view the message promptly
  • Temporary glitches may prevent message deletion

So while very convenient, PrivNote does require a certain level of trust like all online services. However, many find the pros outweigh the cons of sharing sensitive info privately.

Privacy tips for using privnote

  • Don’t include personal names or other identifiers in your message.
  • Share the secret URL only with trusted recipients and never post it publicly.
  • Avoid mentioning sensitive details in your regular correspondence that could identify you.
  • Use a privacy-focused browser such as Brave or Tor for better security.
  • Enable your browser’s tracking protection feature if available.
  • Don’t sign into Google, Facebook, etc while using PrivNote. Stay logged out.
  • Use a VPN or Tor for added encryption of your web traffic.
  • For extreme precaution, use Tails OS or other privacy-centric operating systems.

The more you safeguard your privacy at the browser and system level, the less risk of any metadata or tracking breaches via PrivNote.


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