The Main Element in Digital Transformation

As businesses think about digital transformation, the first thing that comes to mind is cloud migration. Cloud is a necessity: it is economical, simple to scale, and puts people at their fingertips with the innovations, such as data collection, automation, AI, ML, and IoT. However, the dedicated server also has an essential role to play if they plan to implement the right technologies for the task at hand. 

WeHaveServers are the best platform to get such technical assistance. Here are some reasons why a dedicated server is the main element in digital transformation. 


Data is the motor of digital transformation. Companies collect it to evaluate and find insights that enhance the company, marketing, finance, procurement, and many other business fields. They collect more than ever before. While the Cloud is the best place for analyzing, it is not generally the best place for certain organizations to store data, in particular personal and confidential data. This does not mean that a cloud is less secure than a server, all of which can be set to the same rigorous security criteria.


The other key explanation for a dedicated server is that a digital transition frequently allows companies to run resource-intensive apps that are needed to work without problems. A dedicated server may provide even more performance for organizations requiring it.

For any workload, a digitally converted organization wants the best technology and a dedicated server is not the number one option. Although the virtualization technology used in the cloud allows improved security and custom hardware to deliver superior performance, it is easier to run mission-critical applications that need 100% uptime for high availability rates. The cloud also provides the best environment for workloads that need rapid and easily scalable resources to meet unexpected demand spikes. Dedicated servers have an important role to play for businesses searching for the correct technologies for their digital transformation. 

They provide the best solution for running high-resource applications and provide security, single-place personal and sensitive data storage environment. The new hosting packages ensure that organizations have access to the best hardware and the most sophisticated security technologies and benefit from server management solutions, replication and backup services and 24/7 support. 

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