Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic

Lockdown measures implemented during the pandemic pushed companies to shift their work environment in a remote setup. Employees from various industries like finance now have more freedom on the tools they use to reach their clients and use their gadgets and devices. In line with this, companies should have an idea of monitoring employee’s communications as well.

Document which Communication Platforms the Employees Are Using

Companies should be informed what devices and communication platforms employees are using to ensure that they abide by company guidelines in contacting their clients.

Increase Surveillance on Employee Communications

Through call monitoring, companies and firms can review their employee’s communications with their clients and fellow employees to retain business-related messages. It is essential to increase the surveillance of electronic communications to avoid the risk of non-compliance to data privacy regulations and policies.

Update Key Terms for eDiscovering and Communications Monitoring

For more effective communication monitoring, firms may need to update their key terms and phrases to checking compliance issues.

Use a Reliable Mobile Archiver

Investing in a reliable archiving solution would help firms monitor text messages, record phone calls, and retain conversations from messaging applications like WeChat and WhatsApp. Archivers can help companies be more efficient in data gathering processes and allow smooth eDiscovery response, especially during the pandemic.

For more information on tips for effective communications monitoring during the pandemic, look at this infographic by TeleMessage.



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