What is the Role of Smart Lighting in a Smart Building?

Smart or intelligent buildings are all about integrating IoT and other advanced analytics into their systems. The new technologies are changing all the old and traditional approaches of doing things and running utilities. Some of the intentions are to cut and control costs, meet sustainability goals, change human challenges, and make buildings safer and more secure.

Playing one of the most significant roles in reshaping the building industry is the smart building lighting system. Lighting is an essential part of any building as it helps to improve people’s well-being significantly. However, the adoption of smart lighting comes with more networking capabilities and more benefits than those of a traditional light bulb.

The Role of Smart Lighting in Smart Buildings

  1. Security

One of the roles a smart building lighting system plays is to enhance security in different ways. Smart lights can work directly with home security systems to trigger cameras to capture and record everything going on in the case of an intruder entering the property.

Smart lights can change their appearance to look like someone is at home even when there is no one by triggering external security lights that trigger the internal lights if an intruder enters the property.

The lighting up of lights both inside and on the outside might deter anyone with ill motives. Home or property owners can also access and monitor the lights remotely to change light brightness and colors, making it look like someone is doing it from inside the house.

  1. Automation

Another role of a smart building light is to reduce human intervention by automating some tasks for efficiency and convenience. Smart lights can automatically switch on when you enter a room, saving you the inconvenience of walking to the switch. They can create living zones by customizing usage according to space, and you do not need bulky fittings in a room as they clean up the room’s interior appearance.

When you leave the room, the lights go off after you, and you can incorporate them with a security system for more protection around the property. Furthermore, they use a centralized interface that allows you to control them from remote and local locations.

  1. Influence human activity

Traditional light bulbs have static light levels and temperatures that do not change irrespective of time or weather. Smart lights, on the other hand, come with features that allow you to dim their brightness andchange their color, which helps to set the mood and affect the behaviour of those in the room.

The colors and the light temperatures calm, reduce fatigue, and have relaxing effects. They can also influence a buyer’s perception leading to more sales while increasing the productivity of employees. In hospitals and healthcare centres, smart lighting improves periods of sleep and patients’ circadian rhythms, making their stay more comfortable.

  1. Cut down on costs and provide efficient and reliable lighting.

Initially, installing smart lights might be costly, but in the end, it saves the home and property owners from spending too much on changing regular bulbs. They also reduce downtime because, unlike traditional light bulbs, they do not burn out as often. They are long lasting with efficient and reliable lighting without any flickering or uncomfortable brightness.

Furthermore, compared to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, smart lights energy consumption is minimal. Since they work with daylight sensors and motion, they allow the luminaire to recognize when there is a need for lighting, thus reducing energy usage.

Connecting the lighting system to other systems such as Geofencing that you can access and monitor using a GPS network, Bluetooth technology, or Wi-Fi also helps to cut down on security appliances and gadgets costs.


The ease of use and accessibility of smart lighting systems keeps improving, accelerating incorporating the same into smart buildings and individual homes. The ability to control the lights using mobile devices and other gadgets makes it almost natural to incorporate smart lights with any new building today.


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