How to Find Clients for an Architect Who Does Everything Himself: Ideas, Tips and Strategies

To find clients, an architect must exploit the power of communication. How? You can go through the website, social networks and public relations. In all its contents, whether on the website, in a newspaper article or told in an interview, the architect must give ideas to his potential clients. Its goal must be to inspire, telling their vision and showing the work already done to gain their trust. So how to get new clients for interior design business?

These are the ingredients for guaranteed success but, for them to work; they must be used at the right time and in the right quantities. Communicating and talking about oneself is challenging for associated firms, where several people work, let alone for an architect who works alone. There are many who work alone and probably you too are in this situation right now.

Working alone means that the days are full of commitments: surveys, study of the rules, search for new ideas, estimates, meetings, training and so on. Unfortunately, the search for customers is not an activity that can be postponed. It becomes essential to find functional and functional solutions and strategies for the free profession.

How to Find Freelance Clients?

After this premise we discovered that for an Architect who works alone it is essential to save time (and money) and obtain results. Customers are not found at the bar. Some of them go there, but they don’t want to be bothered while having a spritz with friends. This information, which is all too trivial, actually begins to suggest to us how we should behave. We must be present and ready to give information to our potential customers in the places they frequent, but especially while they are looking for our services and products.  “Thanks to the fife” you say. It’s not easy, but this teaches us that we need to get to know our customers. With Foyr Neo this is most important.

Who Are Your Customers And Which Ones Would You Like To Have?

Customers who have already contacted you today, who are they? What passions do they have and what convinced them that it was time to invest money in a project? Among these customers who have already given you money, are there those you really want or do we want to look for something more? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Try to find out as many insights as possible about them, it will be useful to you in the future.

Find out Where Your Customers Hang Out

Now that we have discovered who they are, what they do and why they approached you for their architectural project, we are ready to go in search of people like them. Knowing the habits of your potential customers will help you easily identify where to find them to get your messages to them.

Do your potential clients go to the golf club which is 30km from your studio? Go there and find out what newspapers are in it, start following the golf club’s social media and watch its communication. This is just one example, but you really need to know how your prospects talk to be able to say phrases that will impress them.

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