Key Difference Between Wix & Weebly Editors You May Not Know

When it comes to building an online website, Wix and Weebly are two major platforms that offer a great user experience at a low cost. The back end of both the platforms is easy to use for tech novice, with features of customization and drag-and-drop building. You can never go wrong with both platforms. However, some features make them superior to one another. The editor of both the platforms is the key factor to decide which is best among Wix vs. Weebly. Let’s discuss the less known differences in the editors of both the platforms-

1.Drag and Drop Style

Both the platforms—Wix vs. Weebly give you the freedom to drag and drop elements anywhere on the page, but with the Wix, this feature is highly unstructured. This means that there no predetermined structure or rigid framework to follow.

On the contract, Weebly has a rigid structure.

For instance: If you have to move an image on the Wix Website, you have to perform a dual-task—one move the image on the website and then adjust it on the mobile website. The lack of automation can be a tedious task and result in human error.

2.Ease of Use

Weebly’s editor is advanced and easy to use.

For instance: If you have to edit the background image on Weebly, you’ll notice how a drawer will slide out, and the background editor will slide in from the bottom. This prevents the image from getting disrupted and keeps the interface intuitive.

Whereas on Wix, when you are editing the background, it keeps adding interfaces on the top of the website and hinders the entire process.

3.Media Manager

The major disadvantage with Weebly is that it lacks a media manager —which means you can’t add images to the media manager for later use. Every time you have to add an image, you have to insert or upload it. This can be a complex process if you are looking to design an image-heavy website.

On the other hand, the Wix editor has a powerful image manager, which allows you to add images, edit them, and save them for later. You can add your own images or pull them from social media accounts, etc.

Note -Many users might like the freedom offered by the Wix editor, but Weebly, on the other focuses on creating usability and a unique customer experience.

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