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Should You Monitor the Text Messages of Your Employees? - Tech New Online

Should You Monitor the Text Messages of Your Employees?

Monitoring employee text messages is a great way to avoid legal and compliance issues. Many employers now have software that can scan texts for racy photos, company secrets, and more. In addition to this, they can also monitor emails and web traffic. Companies should consider their policies regarding employee communications as they continue to increase their use of mobile devices.

However, the legality of instant message monitoring is complicated, and each state handles it differently. To ensure that your policies align with the laws in your area, consult an employment attorney. You can only monitor an employee’s personal communication if it is necessary to protect your business or the information you have.

While monitoring employees’ communications can benefit the business, you should not go overboard. Instead, it would help if you focused on setting clear signage and policies to prevent unwanted behavior. The company policy should distinguish between work-related and personal calls and describe the types of calls an employee can make. In addition, the policy should specify why the company is monitoring the employee’s cell phone usage. 

For risk-averse companies, message archiving is one ideal alternative to real-time monitoring of your workers’ conversations. Many organizations capture and archive text messages to meet compliance requirements. Various industries have strict regulations that require them to retain all electronic communications, including SMS. For example, financial firms must obtain their clients’ consent before using SMS marketing. 

Keeping a backup of text messages is particularly important if you want to gain valuable marketing insights and protect your company’s reputation. In addition, text message archiving can help organizations trace text-based evidence in the event of litigation. As texting has grown into a widespread business medium, the need for text-message archiving has never been greater.

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